Field Museum fun

In Chicago,Illinois

Summer fun section

I recently drove 4 hours to Chicago,Illinois. I went on the trip a couple of weeks ago at the end of August. I went on the trip with my family ( my mom, dad, sister, and brother) . At the Field Museum they have dinosaurs and Viking exibits and you could spend days looking at them. The reason I wanted to go to the museum was to learn about how the dinosaurs were destroyed and how they adapted .

Caption:This is another picture of a fully grown mammoth

The science of it

My first connection to science was the Big Bang (the creation of the world) . It connects to science because when I was at the museum I went to the dinosaur and mammoth exhibit. I read some captions and it talked about how the Big Bang killed all of them . The second conection to science is how paleontologist work and find fossils . I got to meet a group of them and look in their lab where they work.

look at me section


I took photos of the first two dinosaurs .

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I wonder?

Are there any dinosaurs in the world still today?

What was the first dinosaur skeleton found?

What was the biggest dinosaur?

When was the first dinosaur skeleton found?

What was the smallest dinosaur ever?

Were there more meat eaters or plant eaters ?

Caption : this is another dinosaur called a stegosaurus.