Leverage Leadership - Book Study

Week Three

Data Driven Instruction - Read Chapter One

1. Post favorite quote from chapter on applicable post in linkedin.

Example: “Year end tests are autopsies, not assessments (29)”.

2. See p. 54. Evaluate your school on the ddi implementation rubric or use the revised one found on our CD. (link is also below this post)

3. Ask another member of your school to do the same. Are your scores similar?

4. Answer/post in response to these questions (in linkedin)

What items on the Implementation Rubric need the most improvement?

What are your next steps for launching data-driven instruction?

Pulling the Lever Action Planning

Planning for Action

What tools from this book will you use to develop data-driven instruction at your school? Check all that you will use (you can find all on the DVD):

___ Implementation Rubric for DDI

___ Leading Effective Analysis Meetings One-Pager

___ Assessment Results Spreadsheet

___ Teacher Action Plan

___ Assessment Calendars: Elementary, Middle, or High School

___ Monthly Map: Data-Driven Instruction Sample

___ Videos of Observation and Feedback Meetings

Note: Data-driven instruction PD materials can be found in Driven by Data.

More Data Instruction Links

The Data Driven Instruction Reflection is a worksheet to note major takeaways and action steps for leading DDI. It is organized by assessments, analysis and action, and culture:



STUDENT REFLECTION TEMPLATE that can be used after a formal test is given.
Check it out....pretty cool:


PPT for After School PD:


Need More Information about Data Driven Instruction?

Bambrick-Santoyo has another book on this topic. See http://media.wiley.com/assets/3006/19/DrivenbyData_TheMainIdea.pdf for more information. (Note, SAANYS will be offering a collaborative, online PLN on this topic this summer using this book as a basis.)