Fast Food Obesity

By: Derek Twarowski

Should Fast Food Restaurants be blamed for Obesity?

Fast food Establishments should not be blamed for obesity. Fast food establishments do not force you to eat their food, and although this is hard to say parents are to blame, and sugar is not so addicting you can't live without it. There a countless lawsuits that are wasting peoples time and money, and in the end doesn't really make a difference

Forced Foods

If Fast Food makes people fat, then why do they eat it? Nine out of ten american people say it's wrong the blame fast food establishments for obesity. However this has not stopped the people that eat this food to sue the companies. Out of eight lawsuits that have been "big" five have had an impact. These five cases have pushed companies in other aspects like providing more nutritional information. One case that was brought up to court was instantly dismissed. The judge had said, "nobody is forced to eat MacDonald's" which was the fast food establishment being sued in the case. (America Weighs In)

Is sugar the new Nicotine?

In new study's the US ranks seventh in the production of sugar however, the US is the leader in sugar consumption. This means we are eating way more sugar then we produce. As seen in the image below is a list of ingredients that are used in fast food menus. Most of which are or are made up of sugar. Sugar similar to Nicotine is being said to be addicting however unlike Nicotine, sugar has nothing addicting in it. (Don't Blame the Burgers)

Tell the Parents

Kids and teens eat whatever their parents decide they eat. Since the day they were born their parents have been deciding what they eat and although kids say what they like and don't like, they don't buy the groceries or make their own food. A poll says that 77 percent of people agree with the fact the parents should be to blame for child obesity because they feed their kids almost everything they eat, and they create habits that continue out of the home. (Political Legal and Social


To conclude Fast Food establishments should not be blamed for obesity. Parents feed children all their life so they are responsible for their child's size. Also sugar is not the new Nicotine and their is nothing addicting about it other then it taste good. And the last and most important point, NOBODY is forced to eat any of this food so there is no way they could blame the establishment.

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