My family culture traditions

By: Gunnar Monical

Deer Hunting

Each and every year, my dad and I go to the same hotel with my Uncle and cousin and hunt the same place every year.


Every Year my dad, sister, and I go to my Great Aunt's house to celebrate Easter.

Christmas Eve

Every Christmas Eve My sister and I celebrate Christmas at my mom's house with her and her side of her family.

Christmas Day

On Christmas day, my sister and I go over to my dad's house and celebrate Christmas at his house and his side of the family.


Every Thanksgiving, my dad, sister, and I celebrate Thanksgiving at my Great Aunt's house.


My dad and his side of the family have always had a house in the Country.


My family has always had a dog.

Tv Shows

Every Monday, my dad and I watch the voice and the black list together.

Hunting with my children

In the future, I will take my children hunting because it has been a tradition and it teaches a lot of important life lessons, and creates good memories.

Where will I live?

When I am older, married and have kids of my own I will want to live in the country and carry on the tradition.