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November 2022 Newsletter

Welcome Back!

We hope everyone has had a wonderful start to the 2022-2023 school year! This is the first of the bimonthly counseling newsletters for the year. These newsletters will contain pertinent guidance related information.

Best wishes for a successful school year!

💖The Plainedge Guidance Department

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At Plainedge Elementary Schools:

  • Year three of our Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum, Competent Kids, Caring Communities (C.K.C.C.), has begun! Throughout the year, students will learn how to get along, what is special about each of us, ways to feel good about ourselves, how we can solve problems when they come up in class or at home, ways to relax and feel calm, and how we can become the best learners we can be!
  • We began the curriculum on an exciting note with a CKCC Kick-Off Assembly. During the assembly, students spoke about the things learned during social-emotional lessons and then practiced some concepts. Elementary students practiced mindfulness through freeze dance and breathing meditations. Students then discussed how they can show kindness to make this the best school year ever!!
  • School Counselor, Ms. Ditizio & School Social Worker, Mrs. Vasaturo will be pushing into classrooms throughout the year to review and expand upon important concepts learned in our social-emotional learning curriculum. So far, they have visited kindergarten- fourth grade classes to speak about friendship, problem-solving, kindness, and strengths.

What's Next?
  • Weekly social-emotional learning lessons

  • Push-in expansion lessons

Competent Kids, Caring Communities Assembly

Social Emotional Learning Lessons

Positive Self-Talk

Some healthy choices are easier than others, and kids often choose the activities they enjoy, like soccer, ballet, math, or playing the piano. If they like them, your child might even choose carrots over chips! When children make healthy choices, it’s easy for them to accept praise and they may even applaud themselves if they know that they made a healthy choice.

However, other choices aren’t as easy. Maybe your child was tired when they got to class in the morning. Maybe they just wanted to sit and relax with some TV at the end of the day. You might hear things like:

  • “I can't play basketball. I probably won’t be good at it.”
  • “I can't try asparagus. I might not like it.”
  • “I’m in the middle of a show/game, so I can’t get to bed on time.”

Now, no one is good at everything, and making healthy choices can be hard... But that does not mean kids should give up when something is difficult or new. So what can we do to push kids through that negative self-talk? Encourage them to be their own cheerleaders by telling that downer voice in their head to be quiet. Any time they want to say “I can’t,” try something like this instead:

  • "I know I can." Remind your kids of the story about the little engine that could. He kept telling himself: "I think I can. I think I can." And eventually he fully convinced himself that he could do hard things, and his “I think I can” turned into “I know I can.” When your kids believe in themselves, they can turn their hesitancy into an "I know I can."
  • "I am going to try." Maybe your child wants to learn how to play baseball but is afraid that they won’t do well. When kids are faced with difficulty, the potential for failure is frightening and an easy way to avoid that fear is by giving up. When your child starts to lean into that fear, remind them that being perfect isn’t the point, especially when they’re trying something new. Encourage them to say to themselves, “I am going to try.” When they are trying something new, trying is the only thing they can do.
  • "Focus on right now." Sometimes kids look at something new and think it is too big to handle. They could want to run a race or start a new book, but they’re intimidated by the length of the race or the size of the book. It’s in that moment when a phrase like, "Focus on right now," can make all the difference. Focusing on what’s happening in the moment will help kids to focus on what they can do right then and there. Start by choosing to run for just 5 minutes, and add a minute or two each time they run. They can read their book one chapter at a time. In time, the entire goal will be achieved.

And don’t forget to remind your child that they don’t have to do it all alone. Trouble with a sport? Ask a friend or coach! Trouble with school work? Ask a teacher or parent. And if they’re feeling overwhelmed? They can come talk to you. Remind them that we all want them to succeed, so it’s okay to ask for help if they need it.

By Sanford Health-The fit Team

At Plainedge Middle School:

    • Counselors were so excited to meet their new sixth-grade students during Middle School Orientation & Transition Camp! Sixth-grade students spent this time making new friends, participating in team-building activities, and getting to know Plainedge Middle School!

    • Plainedge Middle School welcomed their new students to the building with a New Entrant Breakfast. Students new to the Plainedge School District got a chance to build relationships with current students and other new entrants over bagels.

    • Counselors met with their 6th Grade Orientation Groups. Counselors worked with sixth-grade students in small groups to ensure they are as comfortable, prepared, and ready for middle school as possible.

    • At the end of September, Plainedge Middle School held their annual Activities Fair. When meeting with students, counselors always encourage students to get involved in the many things the middle school has to offer!

    • On October 13th, the Plainedge Middle School Guidance Department hosted their annual Guidance Meeting. Counselors and administrators discussed some of the programs developed for students, ways to support students during the middle school years, and the importance of academic success for the future. There was also a student panel where students shared their middle school experience.

    • Counselors visited 7th-grade classes for a Career Inventory Lesson. Students were introduced to our college and career platform, Naviance. They then took a career assessment that matched the activities they enjoy, classes they like, and their personality traits with careers.

    • Fun Fridays at the Middle School are back for year two! During the Advisory Program, teachers meet with small groups of students for the purpose of fostering stronger adult-student relationships as well as a sense of belonging and community among students. The year kicked off with some great team-building and door decorating. Going forward we look forward to covering various different topics such as conflict resolution, empathy, time management skills, and college and career readiness as well as topics that assist with learning coping strategies such as mindfulness.

    What’s Next?

    • Advisory/Fun Fridays

Middle School New Entrant Breakfast

Middle School Guidance Night

Activities Fair

Advisory Fridays


Middle school is a critical period of psychological and academic development for students. It is a time when students are more clearly defining their identities and building the foundations for their future success in high school, college and beyond.

Many studies have linked extracurricular activities with positive outcomes for students’ academic performance and emotional development. Here are some of the top benefits of extracurricular activities:

  • SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT: Non-academic activities with others in the community develops students’ skills with social development, teamwork, leadership and cooperation. This is a great time for children to begin developing and strengthening these very important life skills.
  • IMPROVED ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE: Parents and students sometimes worry that extracurricular activities will be a distraction from homework and negatively impact academic performance. But, when students get involved in activities that they enjoy, the results include improved brain function, time management, concentration, and stamina- all which can lead to better performance in the classroom.
  • INCREASED SELF-ESTEEM: When children achieve success through the activities they’re passionate about, the boost in confidence they get can be taken with them back to the classroom.

  • EXPANDED WORLDVIEW AND EMPATHY: During middle school, many students begin discovering their unique personal interests, those of which can determine future paths. By being encouraged to explore a variety of activities, children are given the opportunity to discover the the things which bring them joy and curiosity, problems in the world they want to solve and the kind of person they aspire to be, all while developing new skills that will help with their adaptability and problem solving in life.

  • COMMITMENT & RESPONSIBILITY: Extracurricular activities require commitment. The responsibilities a child willingly signs up for through an activity of their choosing builds their skills in accountability that will carry into other aspects of their lives.

  • NEW FRIENDS: Through extracurricular activities, middle school kids can connect with others who share their same interests.

At Plainedge High School:

  • Before school started, counselors, administrators, and peer counselors welcomed the class of 2027 to Plainedge High School during Freshman Orientation.
  • The college application season is here! As a result, the Plainedge Guidance Department hosted their annual Senior College Night! If any seniors, parents, or guardians missed this event, a link to the presentation is below.
  • Counselors visited Senior classrooms to review the college admissions process and provide important information to students. Counselors also conducted individual Senior Meetings to ensure that all Seniors are on the path to achieving their future goals.
  • After a two year break, College Mini Fairs are back! Seniors had the chance to attend our two College Mini Fairs this Fall for the chance to connect with 90 college representatives.
  • College Representative Visits have been taking place in the guidance office! All throughout the fall, admissions representatives will offer Plainedge students information sessions. Junior and Senior participation is strongly encouraged as these visits contribute heavily to a student's demonstrated interest. Students should pre-register for information sessions through their Naviance account.
  • Plainedge High School partnered with Adelphi University to offer our families a Virtual Financial Aid Workshop. During this workshop, attendees heard an overview of the financial aid process and received information on how to complete the FAFSA form needed to receive financial aid for college, and had the opportunity to ask questions. See below for, Your Guide to Successfully Applying for Financial Aid provided by Adelphi University.
  • On October 12th, sophomores and juniors got the chance to take a school-day PSAT exam.
  • On October 13th, the Plainedge High School Guidance Department hosted our second annual New Entrant Breakfast. This breakfast allowed new and current students to get to know each other, build relationships, and enjoy bagels!

What’s Next?
  • Instant Decision Week- November 14-18, 2022

  • Individual Freshman Meetings

  • Grade 9 Guidance Meeting- December 12, 2022

  • HS Curriculum Night- December 12, 2022

  • HS PSAT/SAT/ACT Workshop- January 4, 2023

  • Grade 11 College Planning Night- February 1, 2023

Upcoming Testing Dates:


  • 12/3/22 (not offered at PHS): Registration Deadline: 11/3 / Late registration date (late fee applies): 11/22
  • 3/22/23 (School Day SAT): Information TBD
  • 5/6/23: Registration Deadline: 4/7 / Late registration date (late fee applies): 4/25
  • 6/3/23: Registration Deadline: 5/4 / Late registration date (late fee applies): 4/23
To register for the SAT, students may apply online at


  • 12/10/22 (Not offered at PHS): Registration Deadline: 11/4 / Late registration date (late fee applies): 11/11

  • 2/11/23 (Not offered at PHS): Registration Deadline: 1/6 / Late registration date (late fee applies): 1/ 20
  • 4/15/23 (Not offered at PHS): Registration Deadline: 3/10 / Late registration date (late fee applies): 3/24
  • 6/10/23: Registration Deadline: 5/5 / Late registration date (late fee applies): 5/19
To register for the ACT, visit the ACT website at

Freshman Orientation

College Fairs & Visits

High School New Entrant Breakfast

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Financial Aid

  • College Scholarship Service (CSS) Profile is a financial aid application, in addition to the FAFSA, required by some schools for dispensing institutional funds. THE CSS PROFILE BECOMES AVAILIBLE ON OCTOBER 1.

-Colleges Requiring the CSS Profile:

  • Federal student aid is aid from the government in the form of grants, loans, and/or work-study to assist students with college or technical school. Students have to complete the FAFSA® form to apply for this aid. THE FAFSA BECOMES AVAILIBLE ON OCTOBER 1.
  • Financial aid is money to help pay for college or technical school.
  • A grant is a monetary gift for people pursuing higher education. It is often based on financial need and does not need to be repaid (unless, for example, you withdraw from school and owe a refund).
  • A loan is money borrowed from the federal government or a private source like a bank or financial institution, and must be paid back with interest.
  • Merit-based means that something is based on a student's skill or ability. For example, a merit-based scholarship might be awarded based on a student's high grades.
  • Need based scholarships are money awarded based on financial need; as demonstrated on the FAFSA. Award packages are mailed home in early spring of senior year after electronic submission of FAFSA form. Please contact the financial aid office directly at the college or university for any financial aid questions you may have.
  • Scholarships are gifts that don’t have to be repaid and are designed to help students pay for an undergraduate degree. They can be a one-time gift or are renewable, depending on the scholarship.
  • Tuition is the amount of money you pay for receiving instruction, materials, and/or supplies, or for the rental or purchase of equipment, for a course of study at your institution.
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