Debi Thomas

By:Melissa Duarte

Powerful Words

What makes a hero is that they made some sort of change in the world so it can be a better place.All heros are not alike because each hero made a certain type of change.Some character traits that heros might be is that they can be bold,trustworthy,confidence and many more.We do not have the same heros because a certain person did some change that is different than other heros. Heros face challenges by completing their goals and they can have little bumps on the road if they want to complete something. Heros affect other by their actions and words they do or say and sorts of ways they say or do them them.

Who Is Your Hero?

My hero is Debi Thomas.She was born in the year of 1967 in New York.Also her real name is Debra Janie Thomas and Debi Thomas for short.She was an ice skater at a young age and wanted to be a good ice skater.Debi was the first african american to win non-novice title in the winter olympics.Also she tried really hard to be an extremely good ice skater.Debi Thomas and I are alike because we both try our best to complete our goals and when I was little I wanted to be an ice skater because I was really entertained in the way they move and how they danced.The United States was changed by Debi because she was the first african american to win a medal in the Olympics.

Character Consideration

One problem Debi go though was she missing 8th grade and she did she did her studies by correspondence. Debi reacts o.k to her problem because she studies and skating at the same time also having no problem with the fact the she missed a grade of school. Debi feels good about the idea because once she stop skating she became a very smart and successful doctor.


"I've got this thing with skating and school-to see how much I can accomplish"

To me this quote means that she is trying to see how much she can accomplish with some stuff in her hands


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