The Mathematical Money System

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Definition for the money system

Taxes-extra money on your bill or something you buy given to the gov. To pay for stuff in your state.

Tip-money given extra to a waitress or pizza delivery guy for doing good with their job.

Discount-gives you money off of something you pay.

Mark ups-Selling for an additional amount to make a profit.

Commission-money made off of something.

Word problems for taxes discounts tips commision

Luke bought a new sweater at the store when they were having a 20% off sale. If the regular price was 76$ , how much did Luke pay for the sweater?

He paid 15$ which is 20% of 76$

A store pays 64$ for an oil panting. The store marks up the price by 50% what is the amount of the mark up?

The mark up is 34$.

Austin bought a skateboard online. It cost 16$ plus 20% shipping and handling. What was the total cost?

The total cost was 19.20$

We ate pizza for lunch. If the pizzas cost 10$ what would the tip be.

The pizza cost 10.68$ including tip.

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