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April 23, 2021

Todd's Tidbits

Hooch Families,

The following information was shared by Dr. Looney at last night's school board meeting:

Beginning Monday May 3, 2021:

  • For outdoor activities only, masks will be recommended but not required for students in grades 9-12 and employees in high schools.
    • All other safety protocols will remain in effect for this group of individuals.
  • At school sponsored outdoor events and activities, masks will be recommended but not required for visitors/spectators.
  • Capacity limitations are lifted on all outside school venues (stadiums, fields, etc.).
  • Coaches may attend banquets.

2021-2022 School Year:

  • Face-to-face instruction will be the default option for all students. FCS will have two virtual options, the Fulton Academy of Virtual Excellence (F.A.V.E.) and the Fulton Virtual program.
  • FAVE is a new, permanent virtual solution for students grades 3 – 11. The fall 2021 class is planned to accommodate 1,000 students. Grade 12 is planned for the following year. K-2 classes are not offered.
  • The Fulton Virtual program is an online option for high school students, with some middle school offerings. These students remain enrolled in the currently districted school and may choose up to 3 online classes per semester through Fulton Virtual.
  • The district will continue to monitor data and collaborate with healthcare officials from the Fulton County Board of Health, The Georgia Department of Public Health, and the Center for Disease Control to determine how best to provide a safe and healthy learning environment for students, staff and visitors. We are hopeful our communities will continue to experience a decline in Covid-19 cases and an increase in the percentage of the general population being fully vaccinated. We remain committed to informing and updating stakeholders as new guidance and recommendations are received.

Dr. Mike Todd


AP Exams Spring 2021

AP Exams are scheduled from Mon May 3 through Mon May 17 for students that elected F2F/Paper&Pencil or that did not respond to the AP Exam Election. For students that selected AP Digital Remote Exams, those are scheduled from June 1 through June 11.

Music Theory and all World Language AP exams (Spanish, French, Chinese) are only available in the Face-to-Face/Paper&Pencil format and will be scheduled during the May 3-17 window based upon the actual date and test time provided by College Board.

Please see the attached schedule for reporting locations and times. These should be reinforced through communication by the respective AP teachers. Students with accommodations will be notified by their AP teacher and/or case manager of where to report by Wed Apr 28.

All students enrolled in AP classes should have already ensured that their contact email in their College Board and AP Classroom account is their personal, sustainable email and NOT their FCS email. If students are having trouble updating their current account, they must contact College Board at https://pages.collegeboard.org/account-help to get the issue resolved and are NOT to establish a new College Board account at this time.

Students who are taking their AP Exams Remote Digitally will need to access the AP Digital Exam Application through the Fulton County School’s Software Center if they plan on using a District Device and directly through College Board if they are using a personal device. Downloads of the AP Digital Exam App MUST be done on the device that the student will be testing on in June. More information will be sent out regarding protocol for AP Digital Exams in the near future.

Senior Device/Textbook Return

Any Senior who does not need their device or textbook for any further use can begin returning those items now. The textbooks can be returned to the Front Office and the devices to the Media Center from 8:00am-3:00pm. All items must be returned and all fines must be settled before a graduate will receive their graduation tickets.

Counseling Corner

Seniors this is a Reminder- Please do not delay.

Now that you are in the last leg of your senior year, you now must complete 5 senior tasks. The Senior Tasks are now open for you to complete in Naviance on the homepage, under the “Important To-Dos and Tasks” section.

In order to receive your tickets for graduation, all seniors must complete the senior tasks no later than May 1st. In preparation for completing the senior tasks, it will be helpful to have a list of the colleges you applied to and scholarships applied for and received. You will need to upload proof of acceptances and scholarships awarded. Those who plan to enter the workforce or military will be asked to document those plans.

Tasks that you need to complete are as follows:

· Task 1 – Complete the Class of 2021 Senior Exit Survey - Required– Must complete this task to get your graduation tickets.

· Task 2 – Proof of College Acceptance- (If applicable)

· Task 3 - Please provide proof of Scholarship Received – (If applicable)

· Task 4 – Name Pronunciation for Graduation - Required

· Task 5 – Request Final Transcript to be sent AFTER Graduation- Required

We are truly excited about this next phase of life for you and want to support you as you transition. As you move forward with completing the senior tasks, please feel free to contact your assigned counselor with any questions. Seniors who are still in need of assistance with developing post-graduation plans will be given the opportunity to meet with a PACE counselor over the summer for assistance.

9th-11th Grade Final Exams: Spring 2021

Final exams are scheduled by department and the expectation is that your student takes the final exam at the scheduled time. Please contact your Assistant Principal if you have any questions about the final exams.

Friday – 5/21 1st Period Exam

1st period exam 8:20-10:10 (110 minutes)

2nd period 10:20-11:05 (45 minutes)

3rd period 11:12-11:57 (45 minutes)

4th period 12:04-12:49 (45 minutes)

5th period 12:56-1:41 (45 minutes)

6th period 1:48-2:33 (45 minutes)

7th period 2:40-3:30 (50 minutes)

Monday – 5/24 3rd & 6th Period Exams

3rd period exam 8:20-10:10 (110 minutes)

Break 10:10-10:25 (15 minutes)

6th period exam 10:25-12:15 (110 minutes)

Lunch (optional) 12:15-12:30

Buses Depart 12:40

Tuesday – 5/25 4th & 2nd Period Exams

4th period exam 8:20-10:10 (110 minutes)

Break 10:10-10:25 (15 minutes)

2nd period exam 10:25-12:15 (110 minutes)

Lunch (optional) 12:15-12:30

Buses Depart 12:40

Wednesday – 5/26 5th & 7th Period Exams

5th period exam 8:20-10:10 (110 minutes)

Break 10:10-10:25 (15 minutes)

7th period exam 10:25-12:15 (110 minutes)

Lunch (optional) 12:15-12:30

Buses Depart 12:40

Fulton County Summer School

Dear Parents and Community Members,

Summer School is an opportunity for students to clear incompletes from Spring 2020-Spring 2021, accelerate, or recover credits during the time between school years. As part of the FOCUS plan to address pandemic-created learning loss, Fulton County Schools is expanding its summer school offerings this year by offering both Face-to-Face and Virtual learning options.

Face-to-Face summer school offers students the opportunity to clear incompletes and to address any unfinished learning due to COVID. Students who are invited to summer school will receive a letter and registration information from their school. Virtual school is for 9th-12th grade students who need to clear incompletes, retake failed courses, or accelerate learning by taking a course for the first time.

Face-to Face Session #1

June 7-24

Face to Face Session #2

July 1-22

Fulton Virtual School

June 2-July 14

There will be two sessions of face-to-face Summer School: Session 1 is June 7-24 and Session 2 is July 1-22. High school students will have the choice to attend either one or both sessions. Face-to-face summer school will be provided to eligible students free of charge.

Virtual summer school for June 2-July 14. Students may retake up to 2.0 credits through Fulton Virtual School free of charge. Additional courses and acceleration require tuition.


½ Credit = $225 ($180 with free / reduced meal status) per course

1 Credit = $450 ($360 with free / reduced meal status) per course

Breakfast and lunch will be served for all face-to-face summer school students and snacks provided in the afternoons for ESY students.

Registration opens March 12 and closes on May 28.

Students with IEPs who will require special education transportation per his/her IEP should register no later than April 23 for Session 1 and Session 2 to ensure the child’s route is in place for the first day of summer school.

We look forward to continuing to provide educational opportunities to your students during the summer months. Please CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

School Cafe Serves Farm Fresh Strawberries in April!

In April, the Strawberries served at lunch are part of Fulton County’s School Nutrition Harvest of the Month Initiative. The Strawberries have been grown and harvested from farmers across the southeast. Since the Strawberries are grown nearby, they are at peak freshness, more environmentally friendly and help support our local farmers! Did you know that just 8 strawberries have more vitamin C than a medium orange?! Be sure to try this BERRY sweet treat at lunch!

International Travel Opportunity - Summer 2022

Is Your Student Looking for a Travel Opportunity next Summer? - Ms. Dayton and Mr. White are excited to announce that students from Chattahoochee High School are being offered an international education experience to Spain: Madrid, Cordoba, Seville & Barcelona in the Summer of 2022. By taking part in this opportunity, students will be given the chance to step outside their comfort zone, gain a new sense of confidence, experience a new culture, and see the world from a different perspective. This is an excellent opportunity! We hope you all attend the virtual meeting to learn more about this once in lifetime program. You must RSVP online before April 27 to confirm your spot at the meeting and receive the Teams link. Use this link to RSVP now to qualify for $200 off the price of the tour: https://bit.ly/2PPbj1T Can’t make the meeting but want more information? RSVP and select “No but send info.” Please note, this is not a Fulton County Schools or Chattahoochee High School sponsored trip; it is being organized by two of our teachers, Ms. Kylie Dayton and Mr. David White in partnership with EF Education First, an accredited organization. If you have any questions about the opportunity, please reach out to Ms. Dayton at daytonk@fultonschools.org or Mr. White at whitedp@fultonschools.org.


CONGRATULATIONS to all of our spring athletic teams on successful seasons!

Good luck to the teams that are still competing in Region and State Competitions:

Girls and Boys Tennis-State Championships Elite Eight

Girls and Boys Soccer-First Round State Championship

Girls Lacrosse-AREA CHAMPIONS!!!

Track-Region Championships Tuesday and Thursday

Administrators and Department Chairs

Jonathan Adel - ELA and Fine Arts
David White; ELA; Whitedp@fultonschools.org

Lori Buonamici; Fine Arts; BuonamiciL@fultonschools.org

Garin Berry - Math, PE, World Language, and TAG
Terri Engelberth; Math; Engelberth@fultonschools.org

Chris Short; PE; ShortC@fultonschools.org

Nadia Ali; World Language; Aliahmady@fultonschools.org

Amanda Wile; TAG; Wile@fultonschools.org

Gwen Harris - Science and CTAE

Matt Mihordea; Science; Mihordea@fultonschools.org

Kylie Dayton; CTAE; Daytonk@fultonschools.org

Ingrid Parham - Social Studies and IRR
Tim Reeder; Social Studies; Reedert@fultonschools.org

Jeanne Dongieux; IRR; Dongieux@fultonschools.org

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