The Tang Experiment

Solute, Solvent, & Solutions

Background Info

Our group is studying if the temperature of a mixture drink when you pour the mixture into it causes it to speed up the reaction or if the temperature is not a factor in the speed of the reaction. Also, we feel as though a hotter temperature would cause it to go faster because of the learned science that hotter temperatures help to break down particles faster and make thing dissolve or decompose faster than usual.


  • Tang
  • Hot Plate
  • Thermometer
  • Water
  • Glass Beaker


  1. The Tang will dissolve quicker in hot water. (Group)
  2. The Tang will dissolve slower in hotter water. (Gavin)

Variables Temperature

Constants- Amount of tang, water, beaker, and hot plate.

How We Organized Our Data

We will record our data using a bar graph.


  1. Pour 150 mL of water into beaker.
  2. Heat water or cool water.
  3. Measure 10 g of Tang.
  4. Pour into beaker of water once heated up or cooled down.
  5. Record amount of time until Tang dissolves using stopwatch.
  6. Record finding.
  7. Form Conclusion.


After we went through and completed all of our procedures, we timed how long it took each beaker of water being mixed with Tang to dissolve fully. We observed that the one in the higher temperature dissolved quicker just like we thought. The reason for this is that the temperature of the water affected the time that it took the reaction to complete and in turn helped speed it up as it acted as a catalysts.