Lipedema Questionnaire

Attention Therapists: Help with research!

Gathering Data for Lipedema:

Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses, Therapists, Compression Fitters, Dieticians, if you treat patients with Lipedema: We need you to answer a research questionnaire, developed by Dr. Karen Herbst.

If you are willing to help gather data on Lipedema, then please respond to this email by saying it is "OK" to send your contact information to Dr. Karen Herbst. We appreciate your contribution to this important work!

Seeking Therapists, Doctors, Surgeons, Dieticians, Garment Fitters, Exercise Specialists

If you work with the Lipedema Population we want to hear from you. We want to gather information and then share this information to help those with Lipedema.

Yvonne Russell Nurse, Therapist, Patient

Passionate about helping the lipedema population. Believes we can make a difference.

Thank You to the Fat Disorders Pioneer, Dr. Karen Herbst.

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