Zach Ogden Personality poster INTP

Want to hear my theory?

Logicians are dreamers who love patterns and uniqueness!

Information is paramount!

To logicians pattern and information analyzing is one of the funnest things that you can do in your spare time. Always in their mind every second of the day buzzing from one topic to another.

Somewhat awkward

INTPs don't really care about normal day to day tasks and much prefer to do things like make a three dimensional chess board or calculate the required velocity for will smith to travel 43 years back in time if he jumped off the Chrysler building. They also don't really understand how to react or understand other people's emotions. all of this together can lead to some "interesting" relationships.


INTP's have an uncanny ability to be able to make seamless connections between things that seem to have no real connection in reality. They are excellent abstract thinkers and are normally shy yet when someone with a similar interest is present they can become extremely enthusiastic.
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Highly moral

INTPs are very open-minded individuals and believe that the truth is extremely important and will say what they think it is even if it may hurt someone's feelings, and expect others to do the same with them.


INTPs see rules and regulations as social obstacles that only inhibit their goals. They also often try to find their own more original paths to a solution rather than submit to do the common and unoriginal thing.