By: Roshni Gowrisankar

Europa: The Galilean Wonder

Europa is a moon of Jupiter, it is the smallest moon of the 4 major moons. This moon holds the key to life in outer space.

Europa's Wonders

  • There is an theory that there is " warm ice", under the surface
  • It also has pieces of ice, that are believed to be plates, which lubricates that there is liquid water.

What is Europa made up of?

  • Europa has an atmosphere that contain traces of oxygen from the breakdown of water ice.
  • It has a very weak magnetic field, which means if radiation attracts the surface it could kill or sicken humans
  • The average surface is -170 C

Interior Structure

  • As you can see, this is the apposed interior structure of Europa, this is all theory due to scientific evidence.
  • There is meant to be an iron core, which is hot
  • Europa has this " chaos terrain" it looks like icebergs floating on an ocean. But, since its surface is directly exposed to space, and space is VERY COLD, so Europa's ice behaves like rock on the Earth.
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Theories of Europa

  • One theory is that there are lakes on Europa, but have froze due to the cold.
  • Another is that there is enough oxygen to support life for 3 million tons of fish like creatures, other scientists think that the creatures won't even be as big as microbes
  • The picture below shows how life could be supported in Europa
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Is Europa Dangerous?

  • It is dangerous due to the amount of radiation it gets. This reaches Europa from Jupiter strong magnetic field. Europa gets about 5.4 seiverts( the unit of radiation absorption), the average human at sea level gets about 0.0014 seiverts.
  • It is also very cold, the average surface temperature is -170 degrees Celcius or -274 degrees Farenhiet.

Life on Europa

  • Life on Europa would be... difficult, due to the extreme cold and almost no atmosphere, which means you will be exposed to no oxygen to breathe and the amount of radiation you will get.
  • It will also be kind of exciting, when you get out and see the "world" around themselves, not to mention the microscopic creatures.
Stephen Hawking `s life on europa

Facts About Europa

  • There is believed to have plate tectonics
  • It is supposed to have a ocean 10 times deeper than Earth's
  • It is the same age as Jupiter
  • They found sulfuric acid on Europa
  • The picture below is a " picture" of the plate tectonic on Europa
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Space Missions To Europa, Past and Future

  • The "Europa Clipper" is a proposed mission
  • Gallileo Europa Mission set off in 1998
  • Europa Explorer is still in the process of scientific research
  • Europa Orbiter orbited Europa in 2011 about 300 times


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