Psion Beta

By: Jacob Gowans

Sammy, a young boy who is the same as everyone in his gang, but no, he is different in a special way. Sammy, a fourteen year old kid, has been running from the Grinder never wanting to go back. He hates the Grinder. Sammy with his group of friends, escaped the Grinder, almost killed, these boys for a year were on their own homeless, and hungry. This hunger one day took the best of them. They stole a pizza. The Elite, the strongest group in Southern Africa was after them. He and his friends ran. One by one they were taken out by the Elite. He and Feet, the nickname for his best friend, where the the last two boys left. The Elite trapped them against a wall. The world spun around for Sammy. Once over he didn't know what happened, except for Feet yelling at him about what Sammy had done. Sammy was clueless, but still ran away to his advantage, Feet said that Sammy had made all the guns drop out of the Elite's hands... with his mind. All Sammy could do is say he didn't remember. Sammy and Feet stopped at a church and hid. Next thing he knew he shot an Elite and then everything went black.

The Plague

Sammy, was laying in bed, he was clueless what was going on. He herd two men talking. He wasn't able to make-out what they were saying, but he listened. The men walked over to him and everything, once again went black. These events happened a couple more times. Then, he woke up again. He herd the men talking once more, but this time the men stopped talking and never put him back to sleep. Instead he sat there he stared off into space. Until a little show turned on about being polite. Once it was over a man walked in, Sammy started yelling at him. The man left and replayed the show. He walked in again, Sammy was now very nice to him. This man said his name is Bryon, Commander Bryon explained to Sammy how Sammy had an anomaly, or super powers. After that discussion, Commander Bryon took Sammy to another room. Four other kids walked in later, a boy and three girls. Commander Bryon explained more to them about the history of the Silent War. Then they took a plague to fight with whatever it takes. After this plague, Sammy is a servant to the people, to protect, and to serve.


Sammy, is a smart and strong boy. With his anomaly 11 he is even more powerful. Sammy more unique than any of the other kids becomes amazing at almost everything! Sammy faces many problems, including, girls, an enemy, but the biggest one of all...the Thirteens. The Thirteens are crazy killing machines working for the other side of the Silent War. Sammy is being trained to fight them because they are stronger than the average man. They have different a anomaly, anomaly thirteen. This anomaly brings them the urge to kill others. Sammy and some others must face these Thirteens in the future. My favorite part of the book is the last thirty percent of the book. No worries, I won't give out any spoilers! This book is a science fiction novel.


This is truly a great book and will keep you engaged the whole way through. Just to let you know there are five books total. What things will Sammy triumph on, you'll see, in Psion Beta.

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By Sydney W