Social Media Sites

Twitter and Instagram

What is Social Media?

This is the definition of Social Media as defined by Merriam-Webster.

Definition of SOCIAL MEDIA

: forms of electronic communication (as Web sites for social networking and microblogging) through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content (as videos)


Twitter is a 140 character micro-blog that can contain texts, photos, and videos. The micro-blogs are identified as tweets. The BEST tweets are the ones that share a meaningful moment. You can see what is happening in the lives of the people who follow you and your followers can see what is happening in your life. Twitter is an excellent way to connect with students, parents, colleagues, family, and friends.


Instagram is a way for photos and videos to be shared quickly from a smartphone. Everyone who creates an account will have a profile and a news feed. It uses a heart icon as the "like" button. Instagram can also be accessed on the web through a computer. It is all about visual sharing.

Community Bonds through Social Media - Twitter

Mount Pleasant High School used Twitter to cast votes in order to win a chance to be featured on WCNC Charlotte News “Team of the Week.” They competed against Mallard Creek High School, which is one of the largest high schools in NC, whereas MPHS only has 850 students. The students used #MPHS @WCNC and because the amount of support shown by the students, Cabarrus County community, and random supporters, they were able to trend nationally for over 24 hours. The amount of support was even recognized by celebrities such as country singers, Colt Ford and the Avett Brothers, who gave the students a “shout-out,” asking their fans to vote as well. Due to the overwhelming support, a small community was able to accumulate over one million votes, roughly 600 times the population of the town. MPHS won the contest by nearly 400,000 votes, securing their spot as the “Team of the Week.”

Using Twitter in the Classroom

  • Connect with the community about upcoming events at your school
  • Tweet out homework assignments and classroom reminders
  • Live tweet while on field trips so that parents feel connected
  • Can be used as a way to connect with other classrooms around the world
  • Can be used as a way to engage parents with data collection for math activities
  • Can be used as a type of reader response to books read in the classroom

A tweet I shared this week!

Using Instagram in the Classroom

  • Share field trip moments
  • Elementary classroom can use it to showcase a student of the week or month
  • Can be used to show videos clips of learning happening in the classroom
  • Students can use it to share books in an ELA class - reader response
  • Post pictures of exemplary work
  • Can be used as teacher artifact for evaluations with administrators

An Instagram photo from my daughter's field trip to Atlanta in April