Harriet Tubman

millie mcghee

Harriet Tubman

''Harriet Tubman spoke for blacks and for woman's rights''. She escaped slavery to become a leading abolitionist. ''She lead hundreds of slaves to freedom on the under ground railroad''. ''She was a spy for the union army She was also a nurse ''.''She led people to freedom in the north as the conductor in the under ground railroad''.


''Harriet Tubman's birth name was Araminta Ross but later when she was around 13 she took on her mother's name Harriet'' . ''When she was only twelve years old she suffered a terrible injury a overseer threw a metal bar at another slave but it hit her instead''.''She was born in a small log cabin that had only two bedrooms which she also had to share with her parents and 11 other siblings''.


''Harriet Tubman is famous for leading about 750 slaves to freedom''. She once came back to free her husband John but he had married again to another woman. ''She sucsessfully escaped once in 1849 but she came back for her family''.

later days

''Harriet decided to join the Union Army because she wanted freedom for all who were forced into slavery'' she died in 1913 at age 93. Before she died ''she donated all her land and opened the home home for the aged ''.
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