Arthropod Dissection - Vu PAP Bio pd. 3

Astacoidea - Crayfish

Crayfish are found in freshwater habitats including streams, rivers, lakes, and ponds. There are three common crayfish: Cambarus, Orconectes, and Fallicambarus. Crayfish are omnivorous scavengers that eat small fish and just about anything around them. Predators include snakes, muskrats, opossums, raccoons, and even humans. Crayfish have claws to help fight off predators, has four legs for walking on land, and has a hard shell to help protect itself.

Crayfish - Integumentary System

The integumentary system helps to protect the crayfish from predators and any harmful means and supports the body. Young crayfish are a light tan and adult crayfish are red.

Fun Facts

  • Crayfish are nocturnal.
  • There is a species of crayfish that is blue.
  • There are over 350 species of crayfish.