Synchronized Skating!

Skating as a team...

What is Synchronized skating?

Synchronized skating is a group of skaters,skating together. Synchro skating is kind of like synchronized swimming, just on ice and on skates. In synchro skating there is, music,judges,and levels. The main part of synchro skating is working together.

What was the first ever Synchro team?

The first ever Synchro team was formed by a man named Dr.Richard Porter. The team was called the Hocketts. In the early days Synchro teams were called Precision skaters.Before there where competitions, The Hocketts entertainmend spectators during intermissions for the University of Michigan Wolverines Hocky team.

When did Synchro Skating grow more popular?

As time went on, Synchro Skating was slowly growing more and more popular, soon it became a great demand by North America. In the 70s the new sport ganied tremendous growth and development. As each season passed, teams started to come up with crative and inventive routines and stronger skating skills.

Why is Synchro skating not in the Olympics and will it ever be?

Synchronized skating is not in the Olympics! Even if synchronize skating would be in the Olympics that would mean that they would have to go through 15,000 signatures from that IOC to skate in the Olympic Games. But don't worry there's still hope, there has been talk synchronized skating could compete in the Olympic Games in 2018. Hopefully that can work out beacuse there is a lot of teams that would like to compete in the Olympics.


1. Not only women do synchro skating men also do it

2. There are currently 17 levels of synchronized skating

3. Skating in general is a very dangerous sport

4.Synchro skating is very expensive

5. To be a successful synchro skater you have to have balance, focus ,and be able to be a quick learner and stay on track.

6. A way of showing good sportsmanship is trading pins with other teams

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