Attention All Slaves!

Read this if you want freedom!

The life of a slave...

Do you want to live with the cruel punishments of Overseers? Do you want to be flogged just because of the color of your skin? Are you sick of you and your African brethren being referred to as Darkies? Escape the oppression in the Black Belt!

Don't revolt against your masters!

Although you have every right to revolt against your masters, tactically and factually speaking it will not work. The slaves revolts of Denmark Vesey and Nat Turner had very little gain and only caused the deaths and oppression of more blacks. Escape the Peculiar Institution of slavery!

You can control your fate! Die a free man!

Follow the Underground Railroad, a network used by slaves, to escape to freedom in the North or Canada.

You are not alone...there are people who will help you. Pilots come down to the South, to seek slaves like you, who are in need of freedom. Along the way are conductors, who will guide you to safety and freedom. When you are not in the unforgiving conditions of the woods, there are stations, or people's homes and businesses where you will be housed.

However, this is not an easy task; you will face the horrors of isolation, starvation, the tough wilderness, and ruthless bounty hunters and dogs; these difficulties have caused many to fail and only few to reach freedom.

The the route to freedom.

You are currently in Charleston, South Carolina. Your trip will consist of two phases: phase one and phase two.

In phase one, you will escape your plantation and head along a pre-selected journey to the city of Cincinnati, Ohio. Your marker will be the Ohio river; however once in Cincinnati, you are still not safe. You can be easily kidnapped and sold back into slavery; you are currently not safe in the Union.

In phase two, from Cincinnati, Ohio, you will proceed north to Canada. Canada is a haven for former slaves and safe for you.

There will be some important markers along the way; first and foremost, always look to the North star. It is the biggest and brightest star in the sky, located by the big dipper and small dipper. It will guide you north. However if it is a cloudy night and you cannot see the North star, use the moss growing on trees and rocks. Moss typically grows on trees and rocks facing the north, so this will help you.

Evading dogs and bounty hunters will prove to be difficult. Even when you are safely in staying the night in the house or barn, there may be random searches. Trekking through the wilderness at night will be even more difficult. Carrying food and supplies will way you down and make you easier to smell. Carry as little as possible and frequently wash yourself in water and streams to mask your scent.

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