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Autisim types

Aspergers Syndrome

  • Aspergers Syndrom is an autisim spectrum disorder ASD considered to be high functioning end
  • children with aspergers syndrome tend to show typical or even expecal language deveoled

Savant Syndrome

  • Savant Syndrome means a rare condition in which a person with a mental disablity also demontrates a spectator ability or special skill
  • Rare Condition

Savant Syndrome

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Rs or Rtt

  • Rett syndrome means often abbrievated Rt or Rtt is that appears
  • in girls persists throughout life

Autism can be physical or mental

Important Information

  • repeat actions over and over again
  • have trouble talking or walking
  • takes more time for them to learn things
  • longer time for them to learn things
  • have trouble communicating
  • have trouble adapting
  • autism is measured on a spectrum scale


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