The Red Panda

Firefox, shining-cat, Ailurus Fulgens

What are Red Pandas?

The red panda is a solitary mammal that has reddish-brown fur with a long, shaggy, striped tail. (WP) The firefox is a little larger than a domestic cat. The gait is slightly uneven because the red panda's front legs are shorter than the back legs. (WP) From the head to body, the red panda is 20-26 inches high. The tail is about 12-20 inches. The red panda is about 42 inches long, with a weight of approximately 12-20 pounds. (NG) Red pandas are considered vulnerable because deforestation and people and predators (like snow leopards) hunting them have been threatening them and have caused habitat loss and a decreasing population. (WA#2)

Critical Info and The Red Panda Project

The Red Panda Project is standing up

The Red Panda Project started during 2005, in eastern Nepal. It's the word's first community to monitor the red panda's population. The goal of the Red Panda Project is to protect the red panda's population and habitat. The people of this project work together to support reforestation efforts, educating people who live near forests about protecting red pandas, and more. During the very first year of the Red Panda project, they reforested one acre of red panda habitat. Throughout the years, they continued to protect the red pandas, inspiring those all over the world. They're still working hard towards their goal of preserving all of the red pandas' habitats and making sure red pandas continue to live in the wild. (RPN)

Red pandas have a unique biology. They're one of a kind, which means they are the only species of its kind in the entire world. Also, if the forests that they live in are all preserved, it will be ensured that the people in South Asia will have healthy lives. This is because the forests provide clean air and water. So why not donate to The Red Panda Project? (RPN)

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