Meso Culture

James, Kate, and Grace

Culture intro

Culture is the way people live their everyday lives. It also helps the beliefs, attitudes, and the personalities of the people, For example the language they speak, what foods they eat, and what kind of clothes they wear. It was what separated people from other people that believed or had a different culture. The world has culture because if the world different then everyone would be the same and nobody would be different than each other. So when culture developed it changed people and their families so no one would be the same. And the Mesopotamians believed that when they grow crops they need to give it to the gods and they would give it back to thee priests to give to you. this way every one would almost be equals to each other. It was also able to influence writing because without it writing nobody would know about history. Next, the architecture was influenced by culture because of the studies and shapes of the buildings. Then it impacted the innovations all of the different shaped tools and the new tools that were created. Finally, it was an achievement because it helped us achieve all of our goal today.

Mesopotamia Religion


Meso writting


  • Mesopotamians wrote down the first story called epic of gilgamesh.

  • Mesopotamians wrote down the first laws called Hammurabi’s code.

  • Mesopotamians had writing so they could keep track of the stuff they did each year.

  • The writing system Mesopotamians had was called was cuneiform.

  • Mesopotamians wrote on scribes when things happened so they could try to predict the future.

  • It took 12 years for the Mesopotamians learn how to write.

  • Not many girls knew how to write mostly boys in Mesopotamia.

  • The clay tablets the Mesopotamians had was called scribes dried in the sun until they hardened “and they lasted forever.”

  • Mesopotamians wrote down things using a wedge-shaped tool and they called it a styles and they wrote into the wet tablet.


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Mesopotamia innovations


Mesopotamia acheivements


  • Invention of the Sundial - world’s first clock (made minutes, hours, and time in the day)

  • Development of Cuneiform writing

  • Made hardened clay tablets and used a reed stylus to keep records

  • Created a calendar which divided the year into weeks

  • Created a system of government

  • Invention of the wheel to move heavy objects

  • Made tools such as the chisel, saw, lever and pulley

  • Designed arches - to

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Culture impact the Mesopotamia people and the whole civilization in five ways. Religion was impacted by Mesopotamian culture by direct effect on the people and their daily lives. In Mesopotamia the people worshiped many gods. The people celebrated the gods by having statues made to worship, and they gave the gods their food and priest gave it back to the people. Innovations in Mesopotamia were used to make jobs in everyday life easier as the went on. Writing impacted in daily life because without writing there would be no history and we wouldn't have anything to teach about. The people started to write down long stories called epics so they could hear the story all the time. Achievements in Mesopotamia made people go farther than ever before. Like if they created a new thing they would make it better as generations went on.They made the first wheel to get around faster. Architecture impacted Mesopotamia because without it there would be no school or learning. Like there would be no math are social studies or even science! All of these things had an impact on early day Mesopotamian culture.