Edible Arrangements

By: Alejandra Rodriguez

Description of Edible Arrangement

We are the creator of and The Leaders in Fresh Fruit Bouquets TM. We Make Any Occasion Special TM with our array of irresistible products, including The Original Fresh Fruit Bouquet TM and gourmet chocolate dipped fruit. We believe in invention, investment and imagination, and have an entrepreneurial history and spirit. Above all, we are fresh fruit fanatics.

History of Edible Arrangements

Edible Arrangements started in 1985 and year by year they progressed. Who knew Edible Arrangements started as a flower shop? At the age of 16, Tariq Farid bought his first business a flower shop called Farid’s Flowers while still in high school. Tariq decided to take a step higher and start a new business an edible arrangements. Every year they would come up with the most beautiful designs. In 2005 they decided to make a bukay of strawberries covered in strawberry icing to represent cancer.

Starting up cost?

Total Investment: $156,999 - $276,984
Franchise Fee: $30,000
Ongoing Royalty Fee: 5%
Term of Franchise Agreement: 10 years, renewable
Veteran Incentives: $10,000 off first-store franchise fee

Financial Requirements

Net Worth: $250,000
Liquid Cash Available: $75,000

Do you need training?

Edible Arrangements will train the franchisee and one on-site manager on operating an Edible Arrangements Business. Training may include an apprenticeship program, store training, corporate training, proprietary software, administrative functions, and other topics, all to be conducted at a training facility chosen by Edible Arrangements and at the franchisee’s store location. The training takes 60 hours in the classroom and 79 hours in store training

Do you meet the requirements to open up a franchise?

Financially, you must have access to $60,000 in liquid capital and be willing to invest between $154,000 and $300,000 to start your new location within the United States international locations have different financial requirements. You will have the ability to own multiple franchise, but you must be an active participant in your business as absentee franchisees are not allowed.

Monthly Fees?

The first one being how much is the business franchise startup. To get started in edible arrangements there is some fee of $60,000. Although this can seem like a big amount to swallow there are different advantageous that going with this established company will provide you.