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Monday, March 5th - Friday, March 9th

Mrs. Le's First Grade

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We Have Been Working On...

We have had a great week getting back into the swing of things post Spring Break! We continue each morning with our morning meeting as we review rules and procedures for our classroom and our school.

During our literacy and writing time, we have been conducting a Mo Willems author study. We have read several stories written and illustrated by this popular children's author including Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late, The Pigeon Wants a Puppy, The Duckling Gets a Cookie!?, and The Pigeon Wants a Hot Dog. After listening to his stories, we looked for his craft as an author. We used interactive writing (sharing the pen) to create an "Author's Craft" chart to help us list our findings. An "author's craft" is the different writing techniques an author consistently uses in his stories that they are known for. We identified thought bubbles, speech bubbles, motion lines, capital letters and onomatopoeia in his text. Come check out our list in the hallway! After creating this list and using his stories as inspiration, we began brainstorming our own Mo Willems inspired story. We will continue working as authors and illustrators next week as we create our own stories. We also listened to the story "Duck! Rabbit!" and wrote about whether or not we thought the main character looked like a duck or a rabbit. Come check out our work in the hallway!

During our math time, the children differentiated between defining and non-defining attributes of two-dimensional shapes. We looked at shapes and sorted them into those categories. We also learned the "What's My Rule" routine and used it to practice finding unknown numbers in number sentences. The children used function machines to record their work. We practiced addition facts to find unknown numbers in number sentences in the "What's My Rule?" routine.

In the afternoon, we extended our literacy lessons took a close look at Mo Willems as an author. We examined the way he writes (ie. Why does he have pages with no words? Why are his books so funny?) in order to understand him as an author. The children are SO excited to create their own Mo Willems inspired books and I cannot wait to dive into that next week! Mrs. Prince also got a chance to read one of her favorite Mo Willems stories to the children "Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs"! Ask your little one what their favorite part was!

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Ask Me About...

  • What was your favorite Mo Willems story we read this week?
  • What are some of Mo Willems craft as an author?
  • What makes his books so enjoyable? What makes you laugh when you listen to his stories?
  • What is a function machine? How can I solve the rule?
  • Get a deck of cards, take out the cards with numbers and play Salute!
  • Get on Xtra Math and Smarty Ants!
  • Practice adding two digit numbers using a number grid.
  • Practice simple addition facts between 1-10.

Week of April 3rd - 6th

Thematic Unit: Mo Willems Author Study


  • Writers Workshop Routines


  • Phonics: Dipthong - oi, oy
  • Author's Craft: Mo Willems
  • Schema, Text Evidence & Inference
  • Digital Clocks
  • Unit 7 Assessment


  • Wednesday: Library with Mrs. Hutcherson

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