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Dates & Activities

Upcoming Due Dates

  • Friday, MAY 15: All STUDENT books are due
  • Friday, MAY 29: PARENT books are due
  • Friday, MAY 29: TEACHER books are due. Please return the majority of the books you have checked out! But, also, please keep the books that you need to teach and read aloud until the last day of school!
  • From May 11- May 22: Collect gently used books for BOOK SWAP (more info. below)
  • MAY 26-29: BOOK SWAP (we will follow a RIF-type schedule; TBA)

Teacher Prizes for Books Turned In!!

This year, instead of having ice pop day for the kids, I am going to reward TEACHERS who get all of their students' library records cleared before the end of the year. Each teacher whose class has all of their books turned in will get to choose a new children's book from a collection I have in my office AND will have his/her name entered into a drawing for a $25 gift card to Teacher Heaven!

KidsLit Book Club Meeting! Everyone Invited!

Friday, May 22nd, 3:45pm

2050 South Lamar Boulevard

Austin, TX

Come to Collier's office and pick out 1 or more new picture books to read before book club meeting! We have LOTS of new books: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Biography, Science, Social Studies, all levels. Read a new book or more and then join our book club on the patio at Opa! to report to the group about the new book you read! Let us know:

  • for which grade level would it be appropriate?
  • how could you see it being used in the classroom?
  • for curriculum? what skills/concepts?
  • as a mentor text?
  • for read-aloud?

If you don't have time to come to the meeting, please come read a new book anyway and/or take home some books for summer vacation! I am going to give you an online form to fill out about the book, if you can, so we can share our findings of great new children's literature & resources.

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All the flyers and paperwork you will need for Book Swap is coming by next week! But so you can be thinking ahead...

Starting next week until May 22:

· Students can bring gently used books to their classrooms.

· Please make sure the books are in good condition. Books with minor wear are accept-able. Books with major damage such as torn or missing pages, writing or scribbling, water or food damage will not be accepted for trade.

· 2-5th grade, you could assign 1 or 2 students to be your “Book Swap Helpers.” PK, K and 1st, could work with a 5th grade teacher to recruit a “Book Swap Helper” for your class. Book Swap helpers can check the books to make sure they are acceptable and mark the tracking sheet. They will also help to transport all the collected books to the library.

Students can bring up to 5 books to swap. Track the number of books donated on your classroom tracking sheet. Students may bring more than 5 books to DONATE to the Book Swap if they wish, but 5 trading books is the maximum.

After school or during your planning period during the week, please drop your books off in the library.

Please help explain and publicize this activity to all your students. Attached is a flyer for you to send home and/or hang in your room. Remind students that this is an optional activity. They do not have to bring books to trade.

Week of May 26-May 29 (please see RIF-type schedule attached and let me know ASAP if that time does not work for your class—we can swap times, or if needed, schedule some visits the next week)

· During your scheduled time for the book swap, please bring you entire class and your tracking sheet so we know how many “new” books each student will be allowed to choose. (Students who did not bring a book to trade will be given one book buck. This should be a surprise. Each child will receive at least one “new” book.)

***If you, teachers, have children’s books you would like to swap, you can participate too! We also welcome donations, especially Spanish books and easy readers. The more variety of books we have, the better. ***