Teen Pregnancy Awareness

Teen pregnancy is becoming more and more of a serious issue than it has ever been. The statistics have gone up 3-4% since 1999! You see hundreds of teen girls on shows like " 16 and Pregnant", "Teen Mom" and " My 14 year old is Pregnant and so am I." Many people believe that they could never be apart of this crazy statistics- until they are. That's why we are here to help raise awareness and donate to campaigns that help prevent teen pregnancy.
Why should you care about this? This could be you! Many girls are not educated on the risks and consequences of teen pregnancy. Nearly 750,000 teens get pregnant every year, and this may not seem like a problem to you, but when it is you, your sister or friend- it is!

Donate today! This could save a teenage girls life from changing drastically. Please think about if this was happening today! What if your donation saved a babies life?

Donate and Raise Awarness Today!