never look back ♥

This is about bullying , please read.

Bullying is around the world your not alone, tell someone you trust never look back , because sometime those people that bully they went though a lot and they are putting you what they went though . You get depressed but tell someone you trust because sometimes people start cutting and sometimes your joking but sometimes people take it serious I want everybody to know your not alone there is a lot of people in this world getting bullied each and everyday. <33 Just tell someone that your going though stuff , and your getting bullied. ;DD

They tell you to be yourself then they judge you . ♥

Theres a lot of people in the world each and ever day people are getting bullied how they look, Bullying is aggressive physical contact, words or actions and it can hurt and it can come back on you , some people go though a lot of schools because this is happening don't be sad talk to someone you trust and get help and if you don't something can go bad a lot of people bully sometimes on accident but sometimes they don't mean it but some people take it serious .