Time to Hollar, It's Dot Dollars!!!

Promo Time!!

I love a good sale. Let me tell you, back in the day I LIVED for Gymbucks. This is basically Stella & Dots answer to the coveted and loved Gymbucks but for Momma jewelry lovers, not the babes' clothing.

It basically works the same as Gymbucks and Kohl's cash. Spend $50 (pre-tax), earn a $25 coupon towards a future purchase. That easy!

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One for me, One for you

Now is a perfect time to load up on those end of year teacher gifts if you haven't yet. Don't forget grad gifts, shower & wedding gifts and bday gifts. You can give AND get --- Totally my kind of shopping. And in case you missed it, these are selling like hot cakes for teacher gifts.

Arrow.....Ms.______, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Horseshoe.......Ms.______, I was so lucky to have you this year.

Elephant.......Ms._____, I will never forget you.

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The Deetz

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I'm always up for shopping. If you need help making decisions or have questions about a product, let me know, my email addy is juliemontgomery@hotmail.com.

I'm always willing and able to help. Thanks for reading!!!