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Things you need to know for college

Things I Know Now That I Wish I Knew Before

I wish I knew that if you worked harder in some colleges you wouldn't of have to pay as much.

Tips and risks for usong social media

With the current economy as it is, more than ever businesses are trying to make sure that they make wise hiring decisions. Companies want to find a person who fits with the corporate culture, who projects an appropriate image and who can succeed.

Having illegal post, bullying, threaten violence will not get you a job or will not get you accepted into college avoid posting things like these so you will get the job or you have a higher chance to getting into a college you want to.

Workplace etiquette and getting along with coworkers.

Getting along with others at work/school will give you a good reputation people will want to work with you and they will respect you. But if you don't get along with them they will not like you and will most likely will not want to work with you.

Workplace dress code

Dress appropriately for work, or for a job interview your appearance will help the interviewer decide whether you should be hired or if you shouldn't be hired.

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Career resaerch

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