McAllister Minutes

Week of: August 13- August 17

McAllister Minutes

Wow! Week 1 was quite the adventure as we welcomed nearly 1300 students to our campus while also opening up our newest area for learning - "The LLC". My hope is that during this first week back you were able to connect with students, build relationships and truly set the tone for what is to come this school year!

I can truly say without doubt that we have the most WONDERful staff here at McAllister - Your willingness to make things happen for kiddos with a positive attitude is amazing! As Mark Twain once said, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” You embody this and our students are better because of it!

Below I have listed a few important reminders and opportunities for you to review when you have the time:

  • Lesson Plans - They will be submitted to the folder I shared beginning on Monday, August 20, 2018 - If you need help please touch base with me or your grade level admin.
  • Curriculum Night - The committee has poured time into making this a very successful event! We look forward to you being a part of this night with us on Tuesday, August 21, 2018 - Parents will be visiting your class to learn more about the curricular opportunities offered this year.
  • Bright Ideas Grant (Due 8/31) - I encourage each of you to apply for a Bright Ideas Grant! If you have a stellar idea this is the opportunity you have been looking for. Please click this link for more information. If you need a hand I would be more than happy to assist!
  • Building Access- The building will be accessible via key fob on ALL weekends from (9-3) with the exception of holiday weekends. Please be sure to secure your area when leaving!
  • 7 Mindsets - Have you had an opportunity to peruse the site? 7 Mindsets is going to be an amazing opportunity to truly bolster the social emotional component of learning/adapting for our students. We will begin self-inventories with grades (3-5) & teachers this coming week with the Intro. lessons to follow on 8/20. Mindset Mondays will be our opportunities to dive in and learn together. If you have not accessed the site you can do so by following these steps:
  1. Please go to and click on Sign Up. Enter the following invitation code: McallisterelementaryGA2018 and create an account.
  2. All teachers should complete the Pre 7 Mindsets Survey before the end of next week, August 17th. I will be sending out instructions for how to complete the survey as soon as I hear back from Chelsea Buchanan, who is our contact person at The 7 Mindsets company.
  3. Students in grades 3-5 should complete the student Pre 7 Mindsets Survey before the end of next week, August 17th. They will need a computer to complete the survey. I will also send out those instructions as soon as I receive instructions from Chelsea.
  4. We will begin teaching the weekly lessons on Monday, August 20th. As a grade level, please decide what time of the day you will be delivering the lesson every Monday. Once you have decided the time, please let Mrs. McNeely know the time.
  5. On Monday, August 20th, homeroom teachers will deliver the introductory lesson to Everything is Possible and the Everything is Possible 1.1 lesson. These lessons are found on The 7 Mindsets website under Elementary Courses. If you are a Pre-K-2 teacher, you will click on Elementary School Course 1 Grades K-2. If you are a 3-5 teacher, you will click on Elementary School Course 1 Grades 3-5. Once you click on the correct course the website will take you to the introduction less and the Unit 1: Everything is Possible Lesson 1.1. The website gives you everything you need to prepare for your lesson.
  6. On Tuesday, August 21st, parents will be introduced to The 7 Mindsets at our Curriculum Night.
  7. As a school, we will deliver our lessons every Monday, “Mindset Monday”. There will be an area designated for 7 Mindsets on every newlsetter. Please use this as a guide to know what lesson to teach every Monday.
  8. We are developing a 7 Mindsets committee to help guide the implementation of this program. However, if you have questions or concerns, please let me know and I will be happy to help in any way possible.

Rest, Recharge and take in plenty of Vitamin C this weekend - The First Week can be grueling on our bodies - Be sure to take time for yourself.

With an intentional focus of consistency on being curious & crazy for kids you will ALWAYS find a culture that is student focused!

Have a great week!

Upcoming Events:

  • August 21 - Curriculum Night (6-7:30) - All Teachers Required to Attend!
  • August 28 - Faculty Meeting - Media Center

Have a WONDERful Week!

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Happy Birthday to You!

  • 8/14 - Jordan Moon
  • 8/14 - Lindsay Annis

Sunshine Club

Please see the attachment below to learn more about the Sunshine Club - Sunshine dues are used to support our care giving efforts among our Wildcat family. Members of the Sunshine Club also earn the privilege of wearing jeans on specific weeks.

Making Moves at McAllister

  • Use this form to acknowledge the good hard work your peers around you are doing - these will be posted weekly as a form of encouragement/acknowledgement. Because after all - You ALL deserve it!

  • Anonymous Submission - Lisa Jackson has made being new to MES look so easy! She is rocking it already!
  • Submitted via Paige Nobles - Nurse Becky comes to the rescue in the most serious of ways! Ms. Reynolds communicated effectively with parents and ensured a student got the help he needed! Way to go!
  • Talk about flexibility - the entire LLC crew has shown that in the face of change and unforeseen circumstances that the most important element in education is the teacher we put in front of our kiddos. Thank you all for being positive, determined and striving to always give the best for our kiddos!

Click here to Make it Known

7 Mindsets

Weekly updates will be posted in this section. I look forward to the impact that 7 mindsets is going to have on our school community!
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Transportation Form

Please ensure we have 100% information on transportation by using the attached link: Click Here

Lunchroom Expectation Information

  • If you are in older grades, please designate certain students to sit at the overflow table (located in the middle of the lunchroom) if your tables are full.
  • Do not assign students to pick up trash or wipe the tables. Teachers on lunch duty will be using this as an incentive for students.
  • If you want your students to sit in a particular order at your table please ensure you are facilitating.
  • Please make sure to sit with your class the first week and teach students the lunchroom expectations.
  • Please remind students that they should not share food in the lunchroom.


All the information you will need as you implement PBIS with fidelity! You rock!

Click Here for PBIS Slide Show


While recess is an opportunity for students to exert some extra energy and get moving in a physical manner, it is imperative that ALL teachers move around the playground to be sure they can properly supervise children. Please make sure that student safety and supervision is your top priority! #kidsdeserveit

Resources that you may find useful...

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McAllister Staff Guide

In a school of over 135 it can be hard to know everyone's name...Have you had a chance to look at the staff directory where pictures of our staff members can be located?

Pineapple Chart

Click here & start welcoming others into your class to see the amazing things you are doing!

Have you checked this # Lately....#MESrocks

Click this link to see all of the awesome things our teachers have posted on twitter this week. Always remember to use the #MESrocks when posting to keep these items united!