Julius Caesar soundtrack project

Act 2 scene 1

Brutus paces back and forth in his garden. He asks his servants to bring him a light and mutters to himself ceasar will have to die.

Swv weak

I get so weak in the knees I can hardly speak I loose all control and something takes over me in daze, it is amazing it's not a phase I want you to stay with me by my side I swallow my pride your love is so sweet it knocks me right off of my feet can't explain why your lovin makes me weak

Act 5 scene 1

Evidently both Cassius and Brutus realize that if they were captured alive they would be taken back to Rome, led in triumph down the main thoroughfare, and then executed. Since it was a matter of historical fact, according to Plutarch, that both men committed suicide.

Alicia keys karma

What goes around comes around

What goes up must come down

Now who's cryin, desiring to come back to me.

Act3 scene 2

Brutus and Cassius enter the Forum with a crowd of plebeians. Cassius exits to speak to another portion of the crowd. Brutus addresses the onstage crowd, assuring them that they may trust in his honor. He did not kill Caesar out of a lack of love for him, he says, but because his love for Rome outweighed his love of a single man. He insists that Caesar was great but ambitious: it was for this reason that he slew him. He feared that the Romans would live as slaves under Caesar’s leadership.

Destiny child my time has come

It's too far
It's too fast
It's too quick
It won't last
It's not right
But it's not wrong
There's no time
Move along
But I've come much too far
And I know what's in my heart
And I know what I feel
I can tell when it is real
My time has com