What makes Tiong Bahru Special.

By Valerie,Cai Yan,Shao Chi &Yen hao.

Interview Findings

Most of the Interviewees are aged at 40 to 60 and above. Most of the interviewees were males. Three of them stays in Tiong Bahru and others were visiting or owning a shop there.

Four of the interviewees knows the residents of Tiong Bahru. Five of the interviewees like the food sold at Tiong Bahru.

Our Sketches of The housing estates in Tiong Bahru

Research On Tiong Bahru.

In Tiong bahru, affordable housing is mainly provided for family having low income.Public housing of Tiong bahru are in the centre of schools, supermarkets ,clinics , hawker centres, sports and recreational facilities and any more.

Tiong Bahru have however lost its charm it use to have, and residents thinks it is because of younger residents moving in.

Even so, the residents still thinks that Tiong bahru has a rich place identity and feels unique to stay at Tiong bahru.

Tiong bahru is indeed a old community with lots of cafe and restaurant and more and more young and old people goes and continues to dine at Tiong bahru restaurants.

To Conclude, even though Tiong bahru is a old community but its getting popular for its antique building and rich history.Its is convenient to travel anywhere and the shops there sells a lot of unique items.

Tiong Bahru Heritage Trail