Arcola Weekly Update

Week of October 5th 2020

Dear Families,

We are heading into the middle of the marking period. I know we are all working hard to accomplish this challenge of virtual learning and you are doing a great job. There are certainly days that are harder than others but please know we are here to help. Please reach out if you need anything and take it all one day at a time.

Hang tough!

Dr. M.

Counselor Corner

School counselors focus on helping students achieve academic success, college and career readiness and social/emotional development. In the career readiness domain, 8th Grade students have already received their first career lesson of the year in their English classes. Using the Naviance program, they learned more about John Holland’s vocational theory and how it relates to interests and personality, and that people who choose to work in an environment similar to their personality type are more likely to be successful and satisfied. They also spent time researching careers that fit own personality type. October is Communicate with Your Kids Month, so asking about what they learned about themselves is a great way to start a conversation!

October 4th marked the start of National Mental Illness Awareness Week and October 8th is National Depression Screening Day. Many pediatricians are now routinely screening for signs of depression in our youth. Do you remember whether your child’s pediatrician asked questions about his/her mental health during your last visit? As a parent/guardian, ask your child’s pediatrician if they are routinely screening for depression during well visits. And if you have any concerns about depression in your student, reach out to his/her school counselor. We can assist with resources both in and out of school to help you figure out what to do next.

Just below is the October issue of Middle Years, a newsletter focused on helping you improve your student’s success in school. We hope you enjoy reading it!

Technology Help

The technology department is continuing to support the district on premise at Farina M-F 7:30 to 4:00. As you can see from the attached document below, they are also handling student repair issues as well as additional distributions during those hours as well as having extended hours on Wednesdays. Generally, one should have an appointment or at least have been in communication with someone in the technology office so we can prepare for what they may need. We will be using SignUp Genius for scheduling the extended hours for any distributions. Please go to the District website and click on the top Featured News and Announcements.

MWM (Mondays with Mangano) Theme for the Week

Gratitude can change your attitude! Perspective is everything!

Weekly Reminders :)

  • Students- please let your teacher know if you need help, period 8 is open for all students to seek assistance from teachers
  • Engage and be present
  • Make sure to move your body and drink lots of water
  • Parents- if you have a question or concern, please contact the teacher first, then counselor- they are here to help