All About the Vikings

Viking Raids

In The vikings first raid was on the 6th of January 793 CE, this was the start of the viking era which ended in the 11th century.

What: What damage did the vikings cause to Lindisfarne? What did they take from the area?

The vikings tended to steal gold, silver and jewelled items such as silver candlesticks,goblets, gold crucifixes and jeweled bible covers. they thought these could be used in trades and was a very easy way to be wealthy and famous. The vikings left lindisfarne devastated, it burnt down many holy churches and destroyed homes and killed their livestock. Many families mourned at the loss of loved ones. The vikings did not only take material items they took people many of which were monks and used them as slaves. Some of the people they sold and others they used to work on their farms and building projects.

How did the raids come to an end?

The vikings were fierce had no intention to stop invading land. An example of a viking raid coming to an end was when the Vikings raided Gauhl (part of today’s France). The Vikings repeatedly attacked the area, people payed them silver and gold for them to stop, but they still continued. In the end they gave the Vikings 35 000 kilograms of silver so they wouldn’t return.

Where did the vikings raid?

The vikings first raided Northern Europe, this raid occurred in 793 in Lindisfarne on England's east coast. The bulk of the raids were in coastal areas and the viking rarely went inland. The reason for this is attacking the coast, they could easily steal and take hostages with them to their ships for the long sail back home, and they know they won't have any ships chasing after them.

Why did the vikings raid areas?

Historians still argue why the vikings raided areas. Some people believe that they raided land so they could move because the scandinavian environment was harsh, brutal and a cold, difficult place to live. Other possible ideas are that they raided for trade or for money because they had a love for wealth and glory.