Florida Here We Come !

An article by Sara Yabushe

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"The Weeknd Concert"

My family and I went to Florida during the spring break for vacation. The weeknd concert was my favorite thing that happened during the vacation of them all. The reason being that I love him to death and im a major fan girl when it comes to him. The concert was the most amazing thing that I could have ever expirienced IN MY LIFE . Once He started to perform the crowd went wild the whole night starting from that very moment. When he opened the show it was fire in that way and litterally because he made a grande entrance. At first I freaked out because of the fact that i had actual Weeknd tickets and that I was going to see my favorite muscian of all time of course id freaking. I took Armani with me because shes a big fan also. We got to meet him at his meet and greet and i was crying because I couldnt believe my eyes and neither did Armani.This was an amazing expirience for Armani and myself.

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" Water Filled Fun"

This happened to be my very first time to Miami beach. Its the best beach that I have ever been to in my opinion. We went surfing and scuba diving to see the colorful creatures and habitats of all sorts. We went on a hot sunny day so that we could go swimming. I had lots of fun during the time and i got a major tan for a week to remind me of it.
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" Magical Nights "

My family and I went to Disney world, its an amazing place for children or a just a family vacation in general. I went to Disney when I was just a little girl but now that Im older I can remember that I had the time of my life. there was great food , thriller rides and so much more. I woke up on an early Saturday morning with so much excitement, it was like I was a kid all over again.