Bearcat Weekly

October 31 - November 4

Bearcat Praise

Thanks so much to everyone for making this a great week at PPIS!!!

We have so many things to be thankful for this week. Our UNT Field trips were outstanding! It was such a great experience for our kids and we accomplished our goal of planting those seeds that their expectation should be to go to college one day.

Thanks Mrs. Lane and Mrs. Malone for stepping in on Tuesday to take the reigns of the trip without an administrator for the 4th grade trip. They both took charge and didn't leave a single kiddo behind :) I have no doubt that it was team effort with the other 4th grade teachers and staff. They are such a tremendous group!

Needless to say I need to thank Mrs. Nisbett for putting it all together for us. Even though she was sick, she had everything so well organized and prepared ahead of time that she just pointed us in the right direction and we were good to go!

Thanks to Mrs. Lovick who filled in on Wednesday with the 5th grade on short notice. I also have to give another shoutout to Mrs. Lovick for organizing our Red Ribbon Week. I think all the kids had a good time and understood the message about being drug free. I also want to thank Officer Raines for coming out and speaking to the kids about the dangers of drugs and bullying.

Thank you Mrs. Prado for going ALL 4 DAYS!!! I have no doubt that she was exhausted but she never complained once and was always so positive about it. I truly appreciate what she does and what she does for us everyday here!!

Thanks again to Galen for working through our sub jigsaw puzzle this week and making sure all our classes were covered. It was definitely a wild week with a lot of moving pieces but she made it work.

I do want to thank each and every one of you for making this week as smooth as it could be! I just don't think I could say it enough that we have such a tremendous staff here and are truly a family that pulls together to overcome any challenge that's thrown our way.

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Academic Lab

We are planning on starting our academic lab on Monday. Here the schedule. I'll starting letting parents know as well. I hope our students take advantage of this opportunity.

PPIS Academic Support Schedule

5th and 6th Grade - Room 131

  • Monday and Tuesday - Ms. Luckie

  • Wednesday and Thursday - Mrs. Pemberton

3rd and 4th Grade

  • Monday - Ms. Perry - Room 325

  • Tuesday - Mr. Cely - Room 318

  • Wednesday - Mrs. Grimes - Room 321

  • Thursday - Mrs. Stevens - Room 322


  • Monday and Wednesday - Library - Mrs. Prado

What is Academic Lab?

  • Students can work on homework or get extra help in any subject

  • Students can also use this as UIL practice time provided they have the materials they need


  • 3:30 - 4:15

FOCUS time changes ahead

Just want to give everyone a warning that we are planning on changing up some of the Focus times in the future. We need to squeeze out an additional 10 minutes so we can effectively implement the READ 180 program. We will be pulling a cohort of 24 kids who will begin the program in 4th-6th grade. We may also utilize the program to support our students in ESL at those grade levels. We are also looking at using Mobimax as a 3rd grade intervention program. Nevertheless, I wanted everyone to know that change will be coming in the 3rd six weeks.

We are also putting together an intervention resources menu that you can pull from to help create your FOCUS lessons as well. Like with any change it's going to take time to get into a routine with it but once we get our process down it will definitely benefit our kids.


I can't tell you how excited I about all the great clubs we have going on right now. Mr. Cely literally has a line out the door for his Maker Space club each time they meet. Mrs. McGee is beginning her Theater Thursdays and Mrs. Sudbury is bringing in a person to help teach the Mexican dance class. So many great things going on for our kids!
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Meeting on Wednesday

Please make arrangements to attend our faculty meeting that was postponed from this past Wednesday. Now that everyone has gone through the Capturing Kids Hearts training we can build our staff social contract. I also have a process with the program that you can implement in your class that will make a huge difference not only for you but your kids as well. We will also be looking at DOK questioning and writing. We will be done by 4:45pm.

Upcoming Events

October 31 - Costume Day - bring a canned food item

November 2 - Math CC #2 - No other assessments are allowed to be given on this day

November 3 - PPIS Talent Show Auditions during Specials

November 4 - ESL PD during Conference - No team meetings this week

November 8 - Reading Curriculum Check #2 - No other assessments allowed on this day

November 8 - In and Out Burger Night starting at 5pm - PPIS Talent Show at 6:30pm

November 9 - Fire Drill 8:45am

November 10 - Veteran's Day Lunch* Grade Levels will eat at separate times. Veteran's Day Assembly starting at 2:30pm

November 10 - PPIS Bowling Night - Denton

November 11 - In Service 8:00 - 3:00pm

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