Ernest Hemingway

The Fast and Simple Truth

Facts about Ernest Hemingway : )

Known facts:

  • Birth date: July 21, 1899
  • Death Date: July 02, 1961
  • Education: Oak Park and River Forest High School


  • American author and journalist
  • His distinctive writing style influenced 20th-century fiction, as did his life of adventure and public image.
  • Produced most of his work between the Mid-1920s and the Mid- 19502
  • He won the Noble Prize in Literature in 1954
  • Many of his works are classics of American Literature

Early life and Career:

  • Clarence and Grace Hemingway were his parents
  • They raised him in the conservative suburb of Chicago, but the family also spent a great deal of time in Northern Michigan where they had a cabin
  • Thats where Ernest learned to hunt, fish and appreciate the outdoors
  • In high school-he worked on the school newspaper
  • Called Trapeze and Tabula
  • He wrote about sports- at first
  • After graduation- he went to work for Kansas City Star