Bullying Awareness

Pine Tree HS

Let's Stomp Out Bullying!

In this task, we will explore the impact bullying has on the victim, the bystander, the bully and society. As a class, students will become familiar with what constitutes bullying, the regularity with which it takes place and why we should be concerned. We will then extend our studies by conducting interest-based research examining an aspect of bullying and what can be done to thwart this issue.

Students will meet these goals in their explorations:

  • Ask questions about themselves and their world
  • Establish new perspectives through research
  • Implement research skills in order to create a meaningful message related to the topic
  • Understand the ramifications bullying can have on everyone involved
  • Recognize the importance of taking a stand on human rights issues

The Bullying Experiment


The Assignment

Each student will create an original Public Service Announcement (PSA). The recorded PSA can consist of: the student sharing information, a skit with other students participating, apictorial (picture plus editorial) set to music or another delivery method.