Weekly Newsletter

December 8th - 12th

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Our classroom is getting to be more and more ready for celebrating the birth of Jesus...make sure you stop in to see our decorations, ornaments, and art projects!

This Week in Kindergarten

This week we learn about the story of Jesus' birth! We are practicing A LOT to make sure our songs and lines for our Christmas service are ready to share this wonderful story with our families. Mrs. Meinel made a mistake though...so I need your help! In one of our recitations, I completely missed a sentence. We've been working to fix it at school, and if you could help from home too, that'd be great! Here is the correction: "Do not be afraid. The Lord is with you. God has a special plan for you. You are going to have a baby and you are going to name him Jesus. Your baby will be the son of God, the savior." Thanks!

In reading we learn of the latest Superkid, Frits, and the letter Ff.

This week in math we are working with sound and movement patterns, counting dimes to 50 cents, paying for items with dimes, and matching numbers to a set.

Our theme unit for the week is winter. We will learn about winter in general, and animals in winter - hibernating and migrating. We will do some fun writing activities and a cool winter birds project.

Upcoming Events

Next Friday, December 19th, is our Christmas service. It starts at 4:30 - please have your child to me in that back of church by 4:15.

Christmas break starts on Wednesday, December 24th. Classes resume again on Monday, January 5th.

Wrap Up

Let me know if you need anything! Thanks for your help in getting the children ready for our Christmas service. It's going to be great!

Love and Blessings,

Mrs. Meinel