Sanders' Sunflowers

Classroom Newsletter

Week of November 18-22, 2013

Upcoming Dates and Events

Nov.18- Upaint night for last names A-K @ 6:30

Nov. 19- Zaxby's night 5:00-8:00

Nov. 21- Upaint night for last names L-Z @ 6:30

Nov. 25 - first grade Thanksgiving Feast in the cafeteria @ 1:30

Nov. 27-29 - Thanksgiving Break

Dec. 20- Last day before Christmas Break

Information and Reminders

  • We will not have a sight word test this week.
  • The students will have a spelling test on the 5 word wall words this week

    (1. give 2. came 3. know 4. want 5. good). These are not on Spelling City.

Important Connections and Links

This is a direct link to my email and my website. I have also included the school's phone number.


We will be reading various Thanksgiving books this week.

Skills this week:

  • reading words with sh, ph, wh
  • identifying fact or opinion
  • ABC order
  • Reading and using contractions

Word Wall Words

1. give 2. came 3. know 4. want 5. good


We have completed our math unit on additon to 20. We are beginning the next unit on subtraction within 20. The students will use various strategies to subtract such as a number line, counting backwards, and using doubles facts to subtract.

Social Studies

We have completed our unit on forces and motion. The next 2 weeks we will be discussing the Pilgrim voyage to America , Thanksgiving traditions, and how our government helps people to have freedoms.


Mon. - math sheet ; practice spelling words

Tues. - math sheet ; practice spelling words

Thurs. - Thanksgiving activity sheet; practice spelling words

Fri. - reading response journal is due back.

The 3 Little Pigs Science Experiment

Each team worked together to build a 'house' that the big bad wolf could not knock down by using force. The students then used the pictures they took with the ipad and an app called piccollage to create a page to show their work.