Studio 11 News

May / June 2014

Race to the Finish!

The end of our reading journey together is coming to an end, but that doesn't mean we aren't working really hard! To finish off the year we are doing some group projects and independent projects. Everyday students are reading with pen in hand, noting their thinking and working cooperatively to share their learnings. Students will "teach" certain lessons in the science book on how the earth changes. This will require all of their reading expertise:)


This month we have been working on fractions. Please help your child understand how, when, where and why we use fractions in everyday life. They will need to be able to name fractions, compare fractions, and find equivalent fractions. We are almost done with this unit.

We are also working on geometry. Students will need to know the attributes of many shapes and be able to find the area and perimeter of some shapes.

ABC Countdown!

It's hard to believe, but as of Monday there will only be 12 days left of school! To show our appreciation of the students' continued effort and hard work we will have a special thing happening every day through the end of the year.

P - Have a class picnic lunch outside

Q - Quality free time outside

R - Rainbow Day (Our color is white)

S - Math Fact Sundaes

T - Twin Day

U - Uniform Day (wear your sports jersey)

V - Watch a video (Book it celebration/incentive)

W - Help your teach "wreck" the room (pack it up)

X - X-tra Timbertail Day

Y - Wear something yellow, bright as the sun

Z - Zip to other classrooms for memory book signing

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

A big thank you for all those who helped out with our Ellis Island Simulation. It was a very powerful event for all of third grade.

Also a big thank you for those who chaperoned our geology field trip. It was a wonderful day and you all were a big part of that experience!

What's Happening

May 30 - Math Sundaes

May 30 - Book Fair / Family Night

June 4- Book It Party for those who qualify

June 9 - Carnival (11:00-12:00) rain or shine (in gym if raining)

June 10 - Year Book signing

June 10 - Early Release (1:20) Last Day of School