March 20th - March 24th

Title I Parent & Family Engagement Survey

As the parent of a child attending a Title I school, your input is vital in the planning of the parental involvement programs in our school. Please fill out the survey using the link. We appreciate your feedback. Complete by Friday, March 27, 2023.


  • March 21st - Principal in Pajamas
  • March 22nd - NOON DISMISSAL / Act 80 Day
  • March 24th - Spring Family Dance
  • March 27th-31st - Scholastic Book Fair
  • March 28th - Together We Sing
  • March 29th - Teach Me To Read At Home 4:30pm (sessions 2)
  • March 31st - Marking Period 3 closes

Please complete this form if you are interested in chaperoning your child's end of year field trip. Chaperone spots are limited to 10 including teachers. We will honor requests in the order of submissions. Priority will be given to PTA members.

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Important Reminders

Notification of dismissal changes and absences:

When your child must leave school early for an appointment or has a change in their dismissal arrangement, please send a physical note to school. If your child is absent from school, please send a physical note to school with them when they return.

While DOJO is a primary point of contact for teachers, they are not frequently checking it throughout the day because they are teaching. The physical note also helps with communication if there is a substitute in the room.

Inclement weather:

In the event of inclement weather, information will be available through Parent Link (automated phone call from district), BASD and JBES website, BASD App, Twitter (BASD, Mrs. Hinkel, JBES), and news stations.

Please review the "Elementary Weather-related..." document below. In the case of weather-related or emergency circumstances, the superintendent will announce one of the three options:

1. A Snow Day Closure (no school/no assignments of any type)

2. An Online Assignment Day (completely asynchronous assignments)

3. A Remote Learning Day (a blend of synchronous and asynchronous instruction)


Chromebooks are only to be used for educational purposes. Students SHOULD NOT be taking personal photos or videos with their chromebook. To avoid damage, chromebooks should not be used while on the bus.


Each time a child is absent from school the parents must send in a WRITTEN EXCUSE explaining the absence within 3 days. We appreciate the phone call giving us a "heads up" when a student is absent, but legally, we need a written excuse. Please make sure to include the date of absence in the note. In compliance with the Compulsory Attendance law, we will be issuing 3, 7, and 10 day attendance letters are mailed weekly.


As the weather changes, please make sure students are dressed appropriately to go outside for recess. We will take students outside in real feel temperatures above 32 degrees. Winter coats, gloves, and hat are recommended.

Lost and Found:

Our lost and found bin is overflowing. If your child is missing a jacket or sweatshirt, you are welcome to stop in after school and look through our lost and found bin.


Whenever possible, medical appointments should be made for the hours before or after school. To avoid entering the bus channel during arrival/dismissal, we ask that you drop your student off after 9:10am and pick up before 3:00pm.


Please reinforce appropriate bus conduct to your students. More information is available in the student handbook.


2023-2024 Kindergarten Registration

Teach Me to Read At Home Sessions

  • These sessions are designed to engage in literacy activities that they will be using when they start kindergarten and to connect with other kindergarten families.
  • March 29th - 4:30pm - 6:00pm
  • April 12th - TBA
  • April 26th - TBA

Welcoming Day

  • May 1st
  • Once you have registered your child, Mrs. Warning will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Opening of School Letters

  • Mailed the week of August 14th.
  • Please check the school website for recommended supplies.

Kindergarten Playdate

  • August 24th
  • More information to be shared at a later date

*Check out the BASD Website for more information. Click on the "families" tab then "kindergarten"


Follow & Join the PTA

Member Hub: https://jamesbuchananpta.memberhub.store/

Twitter: @BuchananPta

Facebook: James Buchanan PTA

Volunteer Policy:

  • See the district requirements for volunteering - https://www.basdschools.org/volunteering

  • Every person interested in volunteering must obtain clearances every 5 years

  • All adults entering the building must sign in.

  • Members of the PTA will receive first consideration for volunteer opportunities for school activities and field trips.

TITLE I & Family Engagement

Title I funding provides for parent and family engagement in regular, two-way, and meaningful communication involving student academic learning and other school activities.

JBES has allotted funding toward the following:

  • Bulldog Bark Newsletter
  • Teach Me to Read at Home
  • Career Night
  • Kindergarten Playdate
  • One school, One book - Breathe Like a Bear

We welcome suggestions on family engagement activities. Title I updates are provided at the PTA meeting.


At the end of this school year, the district will begin HVAC renovation projects at James Buchanan, Miller Heights, and Hanover Elementary Schools. The projects at each school include removing the existing heating and air conditioning systems and providing new heating and air conditioning systems which will improve air quality; ventilation; temperature and humidity control; and classroom acoustics for all students and staff.

We are extremely excited for James Buchanan’s HVAC system renovation, but in order to complete the renovations prior to the beginning of the new school year in August 2023, the end of the current school year calendar must be modified. Beginning May 15, 2023, the cafeteria and kitchen at James Buchanan will be closed. Bagged lunches will be provided at our school. The last day for in-person instruction will be Wednesday, May 24, 2023. May 24, 2023 will be a half day. Students will receive asynchronous instruction on May 25th. On May 26th, 2022 students will transition to remote learning (synchronous instruction) for the remainder of the current school year.

These proactive end-of-year schedule changes at our school will ensure that the district meets the state-mandated number of days and hours of instruction, while also providing critical, additional time for construction. The additional construction time at the end of this current year will increase the probability that James Buchanan is ready to open with a new HVAC system on the first day of the new school year in August.

Thank you for your understanding. More information will be provided as the school year progresses.


For the safety of our students, staff, and families, the bus channel is closed to all traffic during arrival and dismissal. Do not go around the barriers.

Morning Arrival

  • School doors open at 8:55am. Parents are responsible for the supervision of their children prior to 8:55 am

  • Guardians of a walking student(s) must park on Kaywin Avenue and walk through the rear driveway access point on Eastwood Drive to drop off your student. Please remain on the sidewalk off to the side of the designated area so that we can be socially distant.

  • All students arrival after 9am must report to the main office to be signed in by a parent.

Afternoon Dismissal

  • Guardians of a walking student(s) must park on Kaywin Avenue and enter through the rear driveway access point on Eastwood Drive to pick up your student. Please remain on the sidewalk off to the side of the main entrance so that we can provide enough distance.

  • All students not picked up by 3:45 will be escorted to the main office.

Designated areas for arrival and dismissal:

  • Please have students line up behind the designated signs.
  • Kindergarten - doors at the Northwest Little League/ Kaywin Avenue end of school
  • Grades 1 and 2 - door across from faculty parking lot
  • Grade 3 - main entrance (AM); door by arborvitae (PM)
  • Grades 4 and 5 - doors located on the end of school close to Catasauqua Road

Staggered Dismissal:

3:30pm Grades 4-5 walkers dismissed

3:35pm Grades 2-3 walkers dismissed

3:40pm Kindergarten and Grade 1 walkers dismissed

Communication Station

Web: http://basdwpweb.beth.k12.pa.us/jamesbuchanan

Twitter: @buchanan_es

DOJO: click on the link below

Phone: 610-865-1766

Principal's email: alhinkel@basdschools.org

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