Padlet in the Classroom

A Guide For Educators

Padlet, formerly Wallwisher, is an ideal tool for educators to use in a variety of instructional ways. Padlet is a web based and does not require any software. The interface is incredibly user friendly. On a Padlet "wall" you can EASILY add notes, text, images, videos, drawings, upload files and more with a variety of layout and privacy settings. Padlet walls can be shared, saved, copied, embedded and/or exported depending on your needs. Go to to sign up for a free account. Padlet also offers premium accounts with additional features for schools.

Steps for Creating a Padlet

Step 1: From your dashboard click on "Create New Padlet" or from a wall click on the "+" icon to "Create a new wall"

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Step 2: Click on "Modify Wall"

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Step 3: Add "Basic Info" for your wall by adding a title, description, and/or portrait image

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Step 4: Click on "Wallpaper" to choose from the provided background images or upload one of your own (You can do this for the portrait image too)

Step 5: Choose the "Layout" for your wall

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Step 6: Select your "Privacy" settings

You can set your wall to private and even add a password. You determine how others locate and access your Padlet wall and whether they can view or write on the wall. There's also additional settings allowing for additional moderation and privacy.
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Click twice anywhere on your wall to add a "post" or "write" on your wall

1. Provide a name and/or post title

2. Provide a description of what the post is about or add text

3. Add either URL's (including images, websites, videos, etc), upload documents or files from your computer, or take and add pictures with the camera on your computer or device

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Sharing Wall: Click on the "Share" button for the various options to share, save, embed or export your padlet

Padlet even provides you with a QR Code for each wall for easy sharing...
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Your Padlet Wall has an Address: You can also share by giving out your Padlet Wall's URL address.

Padlet also gives you the option to customize your address or use a domain you already own.
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Copying Your Padlet Wall:

For separate classes or students you might want to use similar "walls", but don't want to spend the time creating them over and over again.... And you don't have to! The "Copy" option allows you to "Copy" a "Wall" with or without posts! Awesome feature for educators!!!!
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10 Ideas for Using Padlet in the Classroom:

1. As a backchannel for students to post comments and feedback on what they are learning.

2. Brainstorming tool, create a wall for a whole class to collect and share ideas for a prompt or topic.

3. Student portfolios of their best work.

4. Students share book reviews on books they have read from class or school library.

5. Create a classroom wall to share with parents and keep them informed of class activities and information.

6. Provide supplemental instructional materials for students on a given concept or unit (i.e. providing background knowledge, supplemental aids, organizing materials for unit, etc).

7. Create walls for major cultural events or concepts covered in the course.

8. Group discussions or debates.

9. Students can share reflections or ask questions.

10. Vocabulary or word of the day


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