Margerie Glacier

The one and only


The Margerie Glacier is a tidewater glacier which forms on land then gradually goes to the water. It is located in the national park of Perserve,Alaska.

Definition of Glacier

A glacier is a large mass of ice that slowly moves. Most glaciers form valleys.


The Margerie is 21 miles long and one mile wide. This glacier is most active in calving (which is when a chunk of ice falls into the bay).

Historical Information

The glacier was named after Emmanuel de Margerie

who visited the bay in 1913. This glacier begin to form

on the south root of Mount Root then flowed to Tarr


Fun Facts

  • Margerie is 360 ft tall but only 249 ft is visible.

The remaining 111 ft is under water.

  • Can only be reached by plane or boat.

Extra (Helpful) Information

The best activities to do while visiting Margerie

are canoeing,kayaking,hiking,guided tours

and much more. The best season to visit

will be during summer when the days are longer

which gives you more time to explore.


Thanks for reading my brochure hope

you plan a trip here one day. Hope

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