Poverty in South Africa

Problems with poverty South Africa


Poverty in Africa is very high. First, nearly one billion people do not have clean, safe water that they can drink. Some Africans can't get water because they don't have energy to walk that far to get water. Second, many people do not have money to buy soap and school uniforms. Third, many Africans have no shelter or a very poor one, and lots of them have little to no money to buy food to eat. Finally, about 21,000 people in Africa die every year from poverty.

Changing the way the world tackles poverty

Acuman raises money to allow people to borrow money to start a small business. These businesses can be in agriculture, education, clean energy, healthcare services, housing, and save drinking water. Acumen loans from $250,000 to $3,000,000 to small businesses. They would like to be paid back within 7 to 10 years. Acuman hopes that the Africans that have the small businesses will help the communities rather than earn lots of money. For example, "Safe Water for Africa" is a company that brought water to fifty communities in Ghana with a partnership with Coca-Cola.
End hunger and poverty in Africa


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Get involved

You can donate money to acumen. You can work withacumen and train people to have a small business.