The Selection ABC Book

The Selection by: Kiera Cass

Project: Samantha Collins


The main character in the book is America, she is 17 years old and in caste 5. Her family contain artist and musicians. At the beginning of the book and she loved Aspen a caste 6. She was convinces by her mother and Aspen to apply to The Selection. The Selection was the chance of a lifetime, to marry Prince Maxon. 35 girls were randomly drawn and were taken to the Royal Palace very soon after. When she first met Maxon she was angry at him for calling him "dear" and the whole "selection". Once talking to him she realized his life isn't all it sounds and he doesn't get many choices. They even made a secret motion to tell each other that they want to talk to the other: tug their After getting used to each other both America and Maxon start being "friends" since she made it clear she didn't want to get chosen, she just wanted to stay away from home for a little while. She was surprised when he didn't choose her to go home.


The bedroom of America played a big setting in the book. America would sleep, get ready in the mornings, get ready for bed, talk, think to herself, and meet Maxon in there. It was a special place because it was where Maxon and America kissed for the first time for both of them and the very first time for Maxon.


Celeste Newsome is one of the selected that flew into the palace with America and two other girls. She is a model and is a two from Clermont. Celeste is 18 years old and has brown hair and brown eyes. She is known as a powerful and rude person to everyone that has the potential of threatening her chance at winning the crown... the crown not Maxon.


During the selection it was a dangerous time because rebels were starting to attack more often trying to make the Royal Family worried about everyones safety. Not only was it dangerous at the palace and quite often also making the selected families in danger because they are involved in the royal family choosing who to be Queen next.


Elise Whisks was one of the Elite in the selection. She was a four from Angeles and was 17 when she entered the selection. As stated in the book she has black hair and black eyes. She was on the Elite because of her close connections with New Asia since a war has been taking place there. She entered the selection because if she were to get married it would be arranged. Therefore this was a very good opportunity to get married and hopefully love the person too.


America's Family consisted of a mother, father, older sister, older brother, younger sister, and a younger brother. Her mother's name is Magda Singer, she tried to be a supportive mother but during the selection was mainly hoping that either way she married someone with a high caste, like a 2 or 3. Her father's name was Shalom Singer and he was very supportive of America while she was growing up, he was someone that America liked to talk to because he understood her and gave her good advise. Her oldest sister is Kenna Orders she was married and pregnant during the selection. Her oldest brother Kota Singer he left the singer family because he thought he needed money for himself. Her younger sister May Singer was mentioned in the book when Maxon and America made a bet about May crying over delicious pastries. Her younger brother is Gerad Singer and he enjoys playing ball outside rather than painting and music, this is a problem because in a few years he will need to start working to help contribute to the family but he isn't interested in anything.


Gerad is the youngest in the Singer house and he is having a hard time trying to find what he wants to do when he is old enough to work and gain money for the family. Gerad would rather play ball than have to do art. Everyone is trying to find something that he would and enjoy and be really good at, but he is not interested in any.


One of the major characters in the book, other than America and Maxon is Aspen. One of there favorite places to meet and talk is in the treehouse. Aspen was Americas first boyfriend and right before she knew that she was going to the palace Aspen broke up with her. He broke up with her because America made him a nice dinner and it reminded him that because he was a lower caste that meant that he wouldn't be able to spoil America the way that he wish he could. He told her that she deserves more than he has to offer, and they didn't talk to each other after that.


Illéa is kingdom that King Clarkson and Queen Amberley rule and soon Maxon will. I think that Illéa is just the United States but after China took over the country and finally was gained back by the "americans". After that, I think that the country was turned into a Monarchy and now is ruled by Kings ad Queens. A clue that was stated in the book is "after world war 3" which indicates that the setting is most likely on Earth most likely in the USA.


In the book "The Selection" the author does a good gob of show the reader about America but tends to miss telling us about some of the background characters. Therefor we don't know much about each character other than the way that they were described or judged by America. This is a easy strategy to get the main points down without having to going into detail.


King Clarkson plays a big role in the plot because throughout the book he is trying to convince Prince Maxon to marry a wife that will help the country. Like on of the girls has close connections with the royal family in India, another is a great spokes person, and also a person who is


Lucy was on of three of America's maids. Lucy was very shy, but respected America and her family. She is known for how talented she is at making beautiful dresses for America. During rebel attacks she panics because during one of the previous rebel attacks Lucy was dragged away by a rebel and one of the soldiers shot and killed the man and he fell on top of her drenching her in blood. Lucy and America are very nice to each other and both respect each others decisions and ideas.


Maxon is another character talked about a lot in the book. Maxon a.k.a Prince Maxon, is the son of Queen Amberly and King Clarkson. He doesn't have many choices in his life and if he did they didn't seem that important to him. Maxon is very patient with America while he waits for a answer on whether she likes him or not. She makes many mistakes, but he always forgives her for them. Whenever he needs to talk to someone about something, he always goes to America for assistance.


Natalie Luca was one of the Elite in the Selection. She was a 18 year old, four, and came from Bankston. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. The main reason that Natalie was in the Elite was because Maxon's father picked her as his top pick out of the Elite. Maxon kept her because she was a nice person and would be a great representation of the Royal family.


The way that social class is organized is by caste. There are castes 1-8.

1 is royalty and Religious Figures.

2 is Popular people (rockstars, professional athletes, actors...)

3 is Great minds (inventors, teachers, doctors, writers...)

4 is Businessman/Businesswomen (head chefs, real estate agents, project managers, farm owners...)

5 are Artists and Performers (musicians, singers, scotrs, dancers, photographers...)

6 are Workers (waiters, waitresses, housekeepers, seamstresses, cooks, drivers...)

7 are Manual Labors (gardeners, construction workers, trash collectors, movers...)

8 are people that are not able to be identified under a specific caste (orphans, addicts, runaways, homeless...)


Thought you may think this story to have a wonderful plot, this book has many negative aspects some in which effect America the main character. One includes poverty. When most people hear the word poverty they automatically think that someone is going hungry. The real definition is "the state of being extremely poor" meaning not only do they not have food but they don't have a house, money, insurance, medical help, and education. In the book, castes between 7-4 can experience poverty usually in the winter because of low food supply.


Queen Amberly is Prince Maxon's mother and King Clarkson's wife. She is known for being charming, gracious, smart, and beautiful. She was born and raised in a tiny house int he south, by the coast of Honduragua, Illèa. Her older sister is Adele. It was hard for her to have babies because of possible toxins in the air where she grew up. When the Southlanders came and attacked the palace she took a bullet that was aimed at the King and after the King was shot and killed also.


During the book there are constant rebel attacks. There are tow different rebel groups, the Northern and the Southern. Northern rebel attacks are more frequent but are not violent. Southern rebel attacks on the other hand happen about 2-3 times a year and are extremely lethal and many people usually die.


The Selection was basically the chance of a lifetime, to have a chance to marry Prince Maxon. Every women that would like to try and get in will put in a applicant and have their photo taken. Then randomly 35 girls are picked and announced on the news report. Maxon didn't know who any of the girls where until the second day of the girls being at the palace. After so many days Maxon eliminates girls, but girls can't leave the "selected" without his approval. This process was the same thing Prince Maxon's father used to find his wife, Queen Amberly.


During the book, Maxon and America would meet each other after dinner and talk about their day and how the selection is going. After a while of doing this they decided that they needed some secret gesture to tell each other that they needed to talk to one another. They decided that 'tugging on their ear" was a great way to communicate. For example is Maxon tugs his ear then America will tug her ear is she got the massage and agrees that they need to talk.


Sadly during the book some of the selected were underdogs or people that didn't have a chance at winner over Maxon's heart. Toward the beginning of the book America practically faints on a soldier because she needed to go outside but wasn't allowed to untill Maxon came and escorted her. While outside America made it clear that she wasn't going to fall in love with Maxon but wanted to be here as long as possible because home wasn't a option. Maxon then stared talking strolls in the garden with her and became "friends" with each other. All at the same time the other selected girls watched over and saw that Maxon most likely was going to pick America as the one, they stared to loose hope and was very curious in America and Maxon's relationship.


America and her family where fives and that meant that they were artists and performers. Growing up America learnt to sing, play the piano and the violin. She admitted that she was no very good at playing it yet because she didn't have very much practice. While at the palace it was one thing that reminded America of home and where she thought that she should be and what she should be doing... playing the violin at home with her family.


During the book the most common place to hang out or just relax is the Women's Room a room in the palace. This room was used even when Queen Amberly was in the selection. Many morning the selected would meet at the Women's Room before breakfast so they could walk together.


During the book Maxon had xenial relationships with his guests. If you don't know what xenial means it means: "constituting hospitality or relations between host and guests". This is known because during the book after rebel attacks Maxon would let any girl go home if they wanted to because he didn't want them to feel like they are held captive. There has never been a time when Maxon has been rude/mean/disrespectful to anyone.


This book was written in 3rd person point of view meaning that some of the key words to show are you, he, she, and everyone.


The relationship that America and Maxon had could be described as zealous because they showed great enthusiasm and expression toward each other throughout the book.

Zealous: "Showing great enthusiasm and expression."