Bowman News 29th Edition

April 17, 2020

Dear Families,

As we continue to navigate our new way of learning, by far the most important thing for our students to do everyday is read (be read to, read to someone, and/or read by themselves)! To offer in-home support, our Literacy Coaches & Interventionists have created Bowman Reads! A website featuring 32 stories read by a bunch of our awesome staff members! Please check it out with your child. I am fairly certain they will delight in seeing and hearing from familiar faces!

Storybook Character Week

We are extending “Storybook Character Week” with the hope that we will get additional participants….take a photo of your child in their costume; holding the book that features their character. Please email the photo to me (, with their name and grade by next Thursday, April 28th! We know this may be a challenging task given the fact that stores are closed, however, we hope that many of our students will participate. I will compile the photos and share in an upcoming newsletter.

I recently stumbled upon a School Library Journal article that advertised, author Jarrett (JJ) Krosoczka, creator of “Hey, Kiddo” and other popular titles, is doing a YouTube drawing/cartooning lesson every weekday at 2:00PM. Check it out here:

Lexington Patriot's Day Activities

Check out this video (below) made by three Fiske Elementary School students. They asked that all principals share and ask students, staff, and families to post photos or videos of themselves donning Lexington clothing and/or colors; using the hashtag #LexGo. All of this is in support of Patriots Day, Monday, April 20th.

Help Lexington celebrate Patriot's Day virtually:

Due no later than Friday at noon (4/17) to allow time to edit and stitch the clips together. Early is better! Rick Dorrington at LexMedia is editing for the community effort to have a virtual patriots’ day parade video

  • This is an all play - everyone is invited, individuals, families, dogs, or your group can pre-edit your own clip

  • Clips should be 30-60s

    • (can be shorter is just for an individual)

    • But if you are compiling clips from members of your group, please help give this the feel of a parade by editing your segment to one minute.

    • Please avoid still photos - videos with motion are best

  • Add your clips to this link:

BBY/Earth Day

Please see the following information from Pamela Cohen, District Big Backyard Coordinator Karen McCarthy, District K-5 Science Curriculum Coordinator: As you and your children are able to find time to be outdoors and practice social distancing we wanted to let you know of some fun and enriching activities available on the District Big Backyard website. Our hope is these activities will help you and your child experience the wonder of the natural world together.

Lex Celebrate Earth Week, April 18-26Lex Celebrate Earth Week, April 18-26 with an Earth Hunt, activities and an invitation to action! ALL students, parents, and community members are invited to display Earth art at home (on windows, doors, driveways, mailboxes….). And then the Earth Hunt is on! The Lexington Global Warming Action Coalition invites you to join us for many ways to celebrate Lexington's Earth Week 2020:

“Two Bits and a Byte and Parity Bits”, Lexington High School's FTC robotics teams, have organised a virtual hackathon that will take place from April 24-26, 2020 and is free!

“A hackathon is a programming competition, to create a software or hardware solution to a given problem. We are inviting students of all ages to compete with their bright ideas! Younger students in elementary school are welcome to submit videos of their drawings or pseudocode which explain how their ideas work. (Pseudocode is a block diagram of the steps taken to accomplish a task, but not written in code.)

No prior coding experience is necessary, and both robotics teams will be online to help participants throughout.

This particular competition is centered around the COVID-19 pandemic, and the issues that are arising in our community as a result. The hackathon is a wonderful way to teach kids about what is happening in the world right now, and form ideas around how they can help.”

This is a link to the website, which has registration details and more information.

Bowman Bears wants to know.... do you recognize these Bowman staff members?

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Answers at the posted at the bottom!

In an effort to keep us all connected, this week, you’ve been invited to share photos with a caption of how they’ve been passing the time. Please consider sending along a photo and caption featuring your family!

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2nd grade student Bella used recycling materials for an art project and created Party Sam!

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Mr. Avery: "This is a photo of my son Liam and I playing backgammon (there were no smiles as each of us was playing to win).