Expo Quinceanera Nw

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Hello everyone. My name is Vanessa Morales I'm currently 15 years old and I'm from Newberg, Oregon. I am blessed to be participating in the Expo Quinceanera NW modeling contests. I will be competing with other girls to win the crown , I will be modeling Quienceanera dresses on February 16,2014 at the Oregon Convention Center. I'm going to need as much votes as possible in order to win, I will be contest #11. If you guys can go like there page for right now and once voting starts vote for me. Voting begins on February 14-16. Once voting starts just like my picture on their page(: Once again I will be contestant #11. Please help me have my dream come true and share this with everyone you know<3


Theres the page, go like it for right now (: Thanks(: