Climbing the Ladder of Success

Quick tips to make the school year successful!

The Basics

  • Check your email EVERY DAY!
  • Attend Elluminate sessions at least once a week for each class. If you can't manage to attend once a week, make a point to go twice each month.
  • Make a point to communicate with each of teachers (by phone, email or Elluminate) at least twice per month.
  • Log in and do work at least five days per week.
  • Complete work from each class each week. Do not skip a week in a class.
  • Check with your teachers to find out the recommended number of sections should be completed each week for their class. Sticking to this schedule will help you finish on time!

Success= Setting a Schedule + Sticking to It!

Choose a time each day where you can work on your assignments that will be uninterrupted. The best part of going to school online is the flexibility, but you still need to have a schedule that includes enough hours to complete the necessary amount of work. You may schedule your work time around your work hours or other responsibilities. Find out your teachers' office hours and Elluminate times so that you can include those in your schedule. Let me know if you need help setting a schedule that works for you!

Stay in touch!

Contact me any time by email or phone call.

Attend Open Elluminate Session on Wednesday evenings, 8-10pm.

Set up an Elluminate by appointment.

Check out these links for note-taking and test-taking tips!