A summer of kings

By Madisson, Bethany, Emily, and Brook

The summer of kings

The summer of kings setting is in the 1963 time period, during this time period .....

The 1964 Ford super deluxe station wagon

Esther's fathers car was a 1964 ford super deluxe station wagon which was made and advanced for use in world war II. The 1964 station wagon was on a average 7,800$.


In the 1960's the school system in New Rochelle NY was ordered by a federal judge to be unsegregated or forbidden. Unlike many other states segregation was enforced in public schools. White and colored kids went to different schools until 1964.

"I Had A Dream ''~Martin Luther King Jr

In 1963 Martin Luther King Jr was in Washington ,DC and said his I had a dream speech and this speech means an end to this racism against colored people . This speech says how in the future he would like to bring these people together instead , of keeping the white and black seperated


In the 1960's a average cost of a new house was about 12,650$ while just a average house was around 3,160$.


Segregation was very different states and they didn't like when black and whites were together or did the same things they were very racist in the 1963. Segregation was different in New York than Alabama. In Alabama they were more strict about whites being with blacks and in New York they were more laid back about blacks.

Popular Musicians

Popular musicians in 1963 was Beach Boys surfing in the USA, Cascades rhythm of the rain, Paul and Paula Hey Paula, Angels MY Boyfriends back.