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Another Month, Another Celebration!

Once again we have done it! We are now a BLUE STATUS TEAM!!! This is awesome and is definitely a TEAM achievement! The month end is usually a crazy time, but we hit our qualifications for Blue nearly 2 weeks before month end, that is really something to be proud of! We were within a couple thousand dollars of becoming a Green team, which is the most exciting part of all, because I know we can do it this summer!

So many of you had your best month ever last month and there are a TON of monthly prize winners AND newly promoted Presenters! Give yourselves an extra pat on the back for making all this happen in June, which is typically one of the slowest retail months of the year. If you can sell like that in June, you can sell like that anytime. Seriously.

Be sure to check out the information below, including all the details for our Baltimore Area/Maryland Night Out with Younique hosted by yours truly. You won't want to miss it!

Coaching Hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Phone//Skype Hours 1130-1

In-Person local coaching 1-3